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March 2002

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ETAN: ETAN to Bush: "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is", Calls for a Debt-Free East Timor

ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor
La'o Hamutuk: Can the Rule of Law Prevail? Will Pressure from UNHQ Force E Timor to Forgo Needed Tax Revenue. 
Also: Bahasa release; UNTAET Position
Summary of ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

Early March

March 24 - 31
Fretilin accused of dirty tricks but Gusmao a shoo-in
Unemployment a major problem plaguing East Timor
E. Timorese refugee returns hit highest level in 2 years
SMH-Hamish McDonald- Timor Gas Billions All At Sea
NZ to have 'ongoing presence in ET
Gusmao, E. Timor's Reluctant But Inevitable Leader
East Timorese vow to forgive ex-militiamen

Major Expose: Australian Spy Intercepts Confirm Australia's Bloody East Timor Secret
Canberra's silence aided East Timor violence
SMH & Age editorials - The Truth About East Timor
Forget the leak and expose Indonesian generals
Defence Minister says Australia helped UN in East Timor
Call for Australia to share intelligence data
Letter to Min Foreign Affairs Australian intercepts about East Timor

East Timor oil pact row stirs
Troops Japan's best contribution?
Japanese troops arrive in East Timor with little fuss
E. Timor Refugees Left to Fend for Themselves in W. Timor
E Timor Constitution Fails to Protect Freedom of Expression
Constitution OK`d But Ramos Horta Critical of Dissenters


Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (Part 3)

Read updates at JSMP/IPJET website 

ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments
ETAN: Newly Appointed Indonesian Judges Will Not Provide Long-Delayed Justice for East Timor

First indictments are read. Photo from JSMP.

latest updates

Rights body alleges AGO-TNI 'deals' in E. Timor cases
Wiranto, Damiri, Noer Muis to testify at human rights trial
Indonesian war crimes court a sham, says lawyer
E.Timor trials resume; rights court is a tool of foreigners- defense

Timor' Tribunals- Let's Do It Right
Top Military Pack Jakarta Court for E.Timor Trials
Defense Minister, TNI Hold Meeting Over E. Timor Trial
Buyung Quits Military Defense Team- Report

Landmark E. Timor rights trial opens
Day of reckoning for East Timor
East Timor Trial Farce Lets Real Killers Stay Free
Vieira de Mello, Ramos Horta Welcome Jakarta Human Rights Trials
Indonesia Trials- Hope of Justice
Indonesia Senior Officials on Trial

Indon human rights activists targeted in terror attacks
Indon military says it legally assisted militia leaders
Megawati signs witness-protection decree in Timor rights trial
Indon rights trial regulations to be 'signed before first hearing'

Indonesia going about rights trial the wrong way
Indon govt, DPR drag feet in supporting human rights
Exploring readiness for ad hoc human rights court

TAPOL: Case for international tribunal overwhelming
Amnesty International: Indonesia:  First indictments but will justice be delivered?
Human Rights Watch: Indonesia: Justice For East Timor Still Elusive

earlier coverage

Other Justice & Accountability News

ETAN: Summary of UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis
Tribunal Sought for East Timor, Filomena dos Reis

Survivors In East Timor Find It Hard To Forgive
Ramos-Horta before Human Rights Commission

Officer named as Sander Thoenes killer
New Zealand disappointed at light sentence for peacekeepers killer
Crimes Against Humanity Trial Postponed

Ponke, a human rights hero, is dead
Tribute to Poncke Princen from Jose Amorim Diaz

State Dept. Human Rights Report: Chapter on East Timor, Indonesia

March 17 - 23
U.S. Rules Out Training Indonesian Army, but Will Aid Its Antiterror Police
Japan troops depart for East Timor peacekeeping
Indonesia will not guarantee scholarships for E. Timorese
Dili's little piggies told to stay home
Aiming High- The Story of an Ambitious Timor Businessman

Refugee News

UNHCR reports upsurge in East Timor refugee repatriation in March
Latest refugee return figures
140,000 (sic) E. Timorese Refugees Not Yet Repatriated
Militias in W. Timor remain a threat to E. Timor
Starving E. Timor refugees to receive emergency food aid
Special team verifies data on East Timorese refugees

WT Press Summaries 1 - 11 March 2002
WT Press Summaries 16 - 28 February 2002

UN- Survey shows education key development issue in ET
Pentagon on Indonesia-US Military Ties
Laying down the law in Timor (press freedom)
Gusmao Rival, Amaral Hospitalized, but Stable in Dili
E. Timor's Gusmao Says He'll Do His Best
Gusmao intervenes to cool down Timor jail protest
Brazilian Project Aims to Boost Coffee Production

Too close to the bone-Herald's Jakarta man barred over abuse reports
Indonesia bars Aussie reporter for undisclosed reasons
More Midwives Needed to Counter High Maternal Mortality - WHO
Gusmao Seeks Financial Support for Campaign
Campaign rhetoric heats up ahead of Timor vote
Australia Under Pressure To Open East Timor Files
Jakarta Foreign Correspondents on Murdoch Ban
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 1: February 2002, Police, Agriculture: Bilateral Aid

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs
Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

Early March
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UNTAET: Policy on Justice and Return Procedures in East Timor (PDF)

"Loron Foun" (New Day) Photo Exhibit. Photos available at

Council for Asia Europe Co-operation Task Force: Comparing Experiences with Post-Conflict State Building in Asia and Europe: The Cases of East Timor, Bosnia and Kosovo (PDF file)

Kissinger Watch
Justice System Monitoring Project Annual Report

AustralianStory - Dangerous Liaison (Kirsty Sword profile)

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