Subject: AAP: NT govt to lobby Canberra for onshore Timor gas support


March 8, 2002 Friday

NT govt to lobby Canberra for onshore gas support

DARWIN, March 7

The Northern Territory government will send a report to Canberra showing that off-shore processing of Timor Sea gas is against the national interest.

The report by ACIL Consulting and the Centre for International Economics outlines revenue, investment and job benefits from piping gas from Shell-Woodside's Sunrise field to Darwin.

It forms the basis of the NT government's call for federal support for a pipeline option.

Chief Minister Clare Martin said she did not accept Shell and Woodside's argument that a floating liquid natural gas 2 billion (S1.05 billion) cheaper than piping the gas onshore.

She suggested the Canberra should consider offering incentives for Shell-Woodside to share a pipeline with Phillips Petroleum which intends to bring gas onshore from its Bayu-Undan field.

"This gas should support Australia's energy policy, ensure the Territory's economic independence, provide significant revenue for the Commonwealth and boost Australia's gross domestic product," Ms Martin said.

"Under the current Shell-Woodside proposal, Australians will only be able to watch as the resource are shipped overseas and on to places such as the United States."

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