Subject: ABC: Call for Australia to share intelligence data

EAST TIMOR: Call for Australia to share intelligence data

14/03/2002 20:57:00 | Asia Pacific Programs East Timor's Deputy Foreign Minister has called on the Australian Government to hand its intelligence information to the United Nations and to Indonesian prosecutors. Fernando de Araujo, who's visiting Australia, today praised Indonesia for commencing the trials of military and government officials accused of involvement in atrocities in East Timor at the time of the 1999 independence vote. He says Australian intelligence information could prove vital in securing convictions.


DE ARAUJO: What I'm hoping is this is the evidence, this evidence can be used to bring these Indonesian military, Indonesian generals to the court, that's what I'm hoping.

FITZGERALD: It has been said that Australia has not been very helpful in handing this information over to the United Nations serious crimes investigation unit. What would you like the Australian government to do about this evidence that it has acquired through its intelligence work?

DE ARAUJO: Now Indonesia start with the tribunal on the crimes and I'm hoping that Australia can deliver this information to international tribunal to bring this general to the court.

FITZGERALD: So are you calling on the Australian government to do that, to make this evidence available to Indonesian authorities and United Nations authorities?


14/03/2002 20:57:00 | Asia Pacific Programs

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