March 2002
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ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor

La'o Hamutuk: Can the Rule of Law Prevail? Will Pressure from UNHQ Force E Timor to Forgo Needed Tax Revenue. Also: Bahasa release; UNTAET Position

Summary of ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis

Text of Feb. 9 Draft Constitution as passed:  Original Portuguese: PDF, MSWord, Official translations:  English: PDFMSWord. Official Bahasa Indonesian: PDF, MSWord. Tetum: PDF, MSWord. Original draft: English, Portuguese

Late March

March 10 - 16

Major Expose: Australian Spy Intercepts Confirm Australia's Bloody East Timor Secret
SMH & Age editorials - The Truth About East Timor
Forget the leak and expose Indon generals
Defence Minister says Australia helped UN in East Timor

Xanana's campaign launch speech
More women die in childbirth in East Timor than anywhere in East Asia
Indonesian prosecutors appeal Bere sentence
Campaigning To Start In E Timor's First PresidentialPoll

Jill Jolliffe on Princen
Japanese GSDF troops set sail for U.N. duty in East Timor
East Timorese Taste The Milk Of Human Kindness
E. Timor set for bonanza as gas project gets go ahead
Electoral Commission Comments on Ballot Paper Controversy
Dili truth commission clarifies (letter)
Article 19- Critique of Freedom of ExpressionProvisions in ET Draft Constitution
UN Chief Warns on Downsized Post-independence Support
Senior UN Official Praises Offer of Logo-free Presidential Ballot
Aussie IT companies to connect East Timor
FM Gama Presses Brussels for Further Aid Increase

March 1 - 9
Uneasy quiet on border
Indon gov't team audits funds for East Timorese refugees
Summary of district consultations on constitution
NT gov't to lobby Canberra for onshore Timor gas support
Australia treading softly in Jakarta

East Timor's Gusmao Threatens to Withdraw
To be or not to be a member of ASEAN?

Megawati "contemplating" attending E. Timor independence party
RI - E Timor border demarcation to begin on March 11
Dili´s Leaders Help Launch Lusa Agency's New Bureau
Almost Half of East Timorese Go Hungry- survey
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 1: February 2002, Police, Agriculture: Bilateral Aid

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

Timor Haunts U.S. Aim To Engage Indonesia in Terror War
Sex slave protests confront Japanese army
Independent Nation to Apply for UN Membership
E. Timor hero Gusmao says he wants to lose election
Big names for Timor rebirth
Shell Say Australia Backs Its Sea Gas Plan

Winter 2001-2 Estafeta online 

Late March
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"Loron Foun" (New Day) Photo Exhibit. Photos available at

Council for Asia Europe Co-operation Task Force: ComparingExperiences with Post-Conflict State Building in Asia and Europe: The Cases ofEast Timor, Bosnia and Kosovo (PDF file)

Kissinger Watch
Justice System Monitoring Project Annual Report

AustralianStory - Dangerous Liaison (Kirsty Sword profile)

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