Subject: AFP: Military seeks "concrete results" from US-Indonesia security talks

Military seeks "concrete results" from US-Indonesia security talks Agence France Presse April 17, 2002

The Indonesian military said Wednesday that an upcoming security meeting with the United States would hopefully speed a resumption of full military relations.

The April 24-25 meeting between Peter Brookes, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Asia-Pacific Affairs and Indonesian defence minister Matori Abdul Jalil, will be arranged by Jalil's office, said military spokesman Major General Syafrie Syamsuddin.

The meeting comes amid concerns in Washington about instability in the sprawling Indonesian archipelago -- the world's fourth most populous country -- and the possible use of its territory as a haven by Islamic terrorists.

However Pentagon officials have said that Brookes will not be launching a new policy or initiative in his talks in Indonesia.

"It is not focused on counter-terrorism although counter-terrorism certainly may be discussed," Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Commander Jeff Davis said in Washington.

"It will deal with a broad range of international, regional and national security issues."

But Syamsuddin said the meeting would hopefully produce "concrete results in the form of the much-needed spare parts for our planes".

The Indonesian military "also needs assistance for the provision of light weapons," Syamsuddin added.

Last December it was reported that half of Indonesia's fighter aircraft have been grounded for lack of spare parts because of the US military embargo.

Out of a total of 233 fighters, only between 40 percent and 50 percent are operational, air force chief of staff Marshal Hanafie Asnan said at the time. Most of Indonesia's fighter aircraft are US-made.

Congress suspended US military aid and training in 1999 to pressure Indonesia for an accounting of the Indonesian military's role in atrocities committed in East Timor.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has said he did not rule out the possibility of joint military training in counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operations.

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