April 2002

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US NGOs to Powell on Debt-free East Timor

UN Human Rights Commission Abandons Justice for East Timor; ETAN Calls Statement a Rotten Present for Millennium's First New Country

ETAN: Activists Welcome Ratification Of International Criminal Court, But Say East Timor Needs Own Tribunal

ETAN: ETAN to Bush: "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is", Calls for a Debt-Free East Timor

ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor

Summary of ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

Early April

April 21 - 27
Portuguese Catholic relic in Timor for pre-independence tour
'Megawati's Timor trip would be beneficial'
Megawati and East Timor
US Military Ties With Indonesia Depends On Timor Trials
Statement by Bishop Belo to International Donors
Nobel Prize Laureate- Keeping Peace Is E. Timor's Challenge

Security Council Meets

UN Wire: Gusmao Tells Council U.N. Help Needed After Independence
UN Media Release: Council Meets on Follow-on Mission (26 April 2002)
UN Media Release: Speakers Express Support for Follow-on Mission, Security Council Concludes Debate  (29 April 2002)

Xanana's Statement to Security Council Apr 26 2002
Alkatiri's Statement to Security Council Apr 26 2002
Kofi Annan Statement

Press Statement by Security Council President

Secretary-General's Report to UN Security Council: HTML - Main Report, Addendum; PDF - Main Report, Addendum

Portuguese Support to Continue for 3 Years
Myanmar junta is trying to block East Timor's integration into Asean
Japan Coalition- Petition to PM Koizumi on his visit to E Timor
Ramos Horta Hopeful EU Will Increase Aid

East Timor Elects a President
East Timor votes. (EU photo)

A lesson in democracy from a former colony

Prisoner and Would-be President Faces Ultimate Test
President-elect Gusmao Pledges 'Open', Cooperative Presidency
Indonesia hails old foe Gusmao's Timor election win
Australia congratulates E.Timor Gusmao, pledges aid
From Poet To Guerrilla Commander To President

BBC: East Timor count begins

Voting a serious duty for East Timorese
Gusmao win likely, despite an organised attempt to reduce his vote.
Gusmao Winds Up Presidential Campaign
East Timor Gears Up for Elections
E.Timor election will set the political balance
UN chief dismisses fears for East Timor vote Horta to Vote for Gusmao
Gusmao will act as a brake on powerful government
Presidential Candidates Urge Heavy Turnout, CM To Vote Blank
E. Timor presidential candidates hold debate
More than 2,100 Foreign , Local Observers to Monitor Sunday Vote
Gusmao faces tough ride after predicted election victory
E.Timor election will set the political balance

Gusmao, E. Timor's Reluctant But Inevitable Leader
Gusmao Rival, Amaral Hospitalized, but Stable in Dili
E. Timor's Gusmao Says He'll Do His Best
Gusmao Seeks Financial Support for Campaign
Campaign rhetoric heats up ahead of Timor vote

Observer Reports
International Federation for East Timor 2002 Presidential Election Observer Project
ANFREL congratulates the success of East Timor's Presidential Elections
Carter Center Observes a Free and Fair Election in East Timor - April 15, 2002
Civic Forum Timor Lorosae (CFTL)
Independent Election Observer Groups of East Timor

Other Sites
East Timor Elections Websites

E. Timor seeks observer status in ASEAN, ARF membership
Xanana's Speech to Stockholm Conf on Reconciliation
Reconnecting East Timor to rest of world
First Independence Budget Features Higher Taxes, Spending Cuts
East Timor Air rolls towards takeoff, eyes 717s
Boavida To Replace Critical Borges at Finance Ministry

Timor Sea
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E. Timor Determined To Ink Oil, Gas Pact With Australia-Min
Oil's not well in the Timor Gap

Australia playing dirty over E.Timor lucrative gas fields
Disparate elements play havoc in the Timor Sea
The oil treaty between Australia and East Timor delayed

Doubt on Timor Gap treaty
Tax Talks Over Timor Gas Deadlocked

Govt must reveal Timor Gap details - Wesley-Smith

East Timor To Ratify Timor Sea Treaty With Australia
East Timor oil pact row stirs
Phillips hits a tax treaty snag on Timor Gap
Foreign Minister says ET will honour Timor Gap Treaty

No Cuts in Aid, Lisbon Assures Ramos Horta
E. Timor hopes for peaceful Aceh solution
ET Finance Minister's statement of resignation
Xanana's Address to the Constituent Assembly
Q&A on E Timor & military assistance to Indonesia with Armitage
WT Press Summaries 10 - 22 April 2002

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (Part 4)

Read updates at JSMP/IPJET website 

click here for Part 5

ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments
ETAN: Newly Appointed Indonesian Judges Will Not Provide Long-Delayed Justice for East Timor

General Wiranto.

Military 'aided civilian guards in East Timor'
Former police chief blames superiors for East Timor debacle
'I was ordered to bury 25 victims of attack on East Timor church'

'TNI washes hands' of rights abuses in E. Timor
Indonesia Army Says Tried To Stop Timor Violence
Six witnesses fail to appear in Timor rights trial

Judges insist human rights trial must go on
Indonesian military attempts to shift E. Timor blame onto UN
Wiranto book "reveals the truth" behind E Timor's traumatic breakaway
Wiranto claims role of peacemaker in E.Timor

Wiranto testifies
Rights body alleges AGO-TNI 'deals' in E. Timor cases

Timor' Tribunals- Let's Do It Right
Top Military Pack Jakarta Court for E.Timor Trials
Defense Minister, TNI Hold Meeting Over E. Timor Trial
Buyung Quits Military Defense Team- Report

TAPOL: Case for international tribunal overwhelming
Amnesty International: Indonesia: First indictments but will justice be delivered?
Human Rights Watch: Indonesia: Justice For East Timor Still Elusive  

Earlier coverage 
Later coverage

Other Justice & Accountability News

Indonesian Officer Denies He Shot FT Reporter In E. Timor
ETAN: Summary of UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis
Tribunal Sought for East Timor, Filomena dos Reis

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation of human rights in East Timor (PDF file)
JSMP - The General Prosecutor v Joni Marques and 9 others (The Los Palos Case)
Report of the UB Special Rapporteur on Disappearances & Summary Execution
Committee to Protect Journalists: Attacks on the Press in 2001 East Timor chapter
State Dept. Human Rights Report: Chapter on East Timor, Indonesia

Amnesty International: USA Haven for Torturers

Major Expose: Australian Spy Intercepts Confirm Australia's Bloody East Timor Secret

April 14 - 20
Indonesia among the first to host E. Timor embassy
East Timor's Tiny Army Aims High
Annan Wants Longer U.N. Role in East Timor
Timor's Gusmao Urges Development
Ramos Horta Confident Dili`s Leaders Can Handle Tensions
E.Timor- Magical Realism To Grim Reality
The birth of a nation and How bad is the economic problem facing E.Timor?

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 2 & 3: March-April 2002, U.S. Aid, Coffee

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs  http://www.democracynow.org/

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

Portuguese Support to Continue for 3 Years
Military seeks "concrete results" from US-Indonesia security talks
TNI rejects proposal on land travel to-from E. Timor's Oecusse
From Poet To Guerrilla Commander To President
Foreign ministry clarifies on UNTAET-Oecusse corridor
Timor's Foreign Policy
A special day in the birthplace of East Timorese nationalism
East Timor gets its tongues in a tangle
Dili, from a backwater provincial town to capital of new state

Early April
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CNN: East Timor-A new nation is born

Final Text of Constitution PDF files: Official Portuguese; English translation; Bahasa Indonesian; Tetun. Click here for previous drafts

JSMP - The General Prosecutor v Joni Marques and 9 others (The Los Palos Case)

UN Special Committee Recommends Removal Of Independent East Timor From List Of Non-self-governing Territories

UNTAET: Policy on Justice and Return Procedures in East Timor (PDF)

La'o Hamutuk: Can the Rule of Law Prevail? Will Pressure from UNHQ Force E Timor to Forgo Needed Tax Revenue.  Also: Bahasa release; UNTAET Position

Council for Asia Europe Co-operation Task Force: Comparing Experiences with Post-Conflict State Building in Asia and Europe: The Cases ofEast Timor, Bosnia and Kosovo (PDF file)

Kissinger Watch
Winter 2001-2 Estafeta online


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