Subject: LUSA: Dili-Jakarta Transition Accords To Remain Valid After Independence

07 May 02 11:42 East Timor: Dili-Jakarta Transition Accords To Remain Valid After Independence

The transition government of East Timor Tuesday approved the continued validity of a series of accords between Dili´s UN-led administration and Indonesia following the territory´s May 20 independence.

Chief Minister Mari Alkatiri´s cabinet, in a statement sent to Lusa, said the various agreements would remain in force "until new accords are negotiated and signed".

It also reaffirmed Dili´s commitment to continued bilateral negotiations over the text of some accords.

The agreements covered by the decision include, among others, accords for the movement of people and goods between the Oecusse enclave and the rest of East Timor, the functioning of a joint border commission, and postal service cooperation.

Among agreements still under negotiation is one on Dili´s responsibility for payment of pensions during the transition period to former Indonesian civil servants and security personnel, but without "financial obligations" for East Timor.

SAS/ASP -Lusa-

From UNTAET May 7, 2002

On the Foreign Affairs sector, the Ministers approved a package including a recommendation that the following agreements signed by UNTAET/East Timor and Indonesia will be valid until new agreements are negotiated and signed:

1. Provisional Agreement on the Movement of People and Goods between the enclave of Oecusse and other parts of East Timor, signed on 25 February 2002;

2. Agreement on the Creation of the Joint Border Commission;

3. Agreement on the Cooperation of Postal Services, signed on 25 February 2002.

4. Agreement between UNTAET and the Republic of Indonesia on the repatriation of the Indonesian Rupiah by the Bank Payment Authority to the Bank of Indonesia valid until its new deadline on 8 June.

5. Agreement between UNTAET and the Republic of Indonesia on the payment of the pensions for the former civil servants, police and military, signed on 10 July 2001.

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