May 2002 - Independence Coverage

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East Timor celebrates.
U.S. House of Representatives Congratulates East Timor: Endorses Continued Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties, Expresses Concern about Lack of Justice; see also Senate resolution
IFET: Role of International Solidarity after Independence

Senators Write to Rumsfeld, Powell on U.S.-Indonesian Military Ties

U.S. Supporters of East Timor Celebrate Independence Nationwide: Watershed Victory Marked, Work Ahead Noted  
ETAN Congratulates the People of East Timor on Independence
ETAN: Backgrounder for East Timor's May 20 Independence Day, also in PDF
Clinton Heads to East Timor for Independence Day, ETAN Urges History Not Be Forgotten

Women Worldwide Call For an International Tribunal For East Timor: Officials, Scholars And Activists Say Justice For Crimes Against Timorese Women Needed

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

Other May Coverage

Links to Special Independence Coverage
east-timor list postings in full (you may have to register free with Topica)
Listen to Democracy Now!'s coverage of East Timor's independence

Free Speech Radio News series of 5 special reports from East Timor May 15-May 22
BBC Special Coverage
Sydney Morning Herald Special: A Nation Is Born
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
RTP Television
(in Portuguese)
Watch video on demand of the Independence Ceremonies via UN Foundation website

Timor gets down to basics
East Timor- The Morning After
Old problems come back to haunt a new state

Tibetan exiles congratulate Timor
East Timor faces rocky path- Dunn
Washington Post - Saved From Ruin- the Reincarnation of East Timor

Independence Day Opinion

US Media Servile to the Last in Reporting Timor Struggle
ZNET- East Timor Independence Day- May 20, 2002
U.S. Must Examine Its Role in New Nation's Bloody Past
Tainted Jakarta lobby left stranded by history
The price of independence
IHT- How U.S. Averted Gaze When Indonesia Took E. Timor
Time for a U.S. Truth Commission on East Timor
Dramatic U-turn for US and Australia

Celebrating the Birth of a Nation [Kofi Annan on E. Timor]
FEER Editorial- UN Didn't Prepare E Timor For Freedom
Boston Globe- Lessons of East Timor
Boston Globe & NY Times Editorials

O Jornal - Editorial
Seattle Post-Intelligencer- What America Owes ET

TNI's Timor Show of Might A Miscalculation
Alkatiri makes it to the top
E. Timor Is Independent - So Long As It Does As It's Told
E. Timor Gets United Nations Nod For Membership
Megawati says Grab Business Opportunities in Timor Leste
Independence poses new challenges

East Timorese priest says justice essential to reconciliation efforts

E. Timor Doubts Legitimacy of Indonesian Claims
Unfinished business haunts Indonesia-East Timor ties
Nations Welcome World's Newest State
Bush salutes East Timor, first new nation of the millennium

Timor Gap

ETese NGOs write Parliament on Timor Sea Oil

Legal Opinion on Dispute Settlement and the new Timor Sea Treaty
Working Group on Timor Sea statement
A 'Middle Road' in Timor's Oil and Gas Options
Alkatiri says Australia has promised to renegotiate seabed boundary
Downer- no change to Timor borders
Brace for fight over oil, Australia told
Workers Online- East Timor appeals for help on Timor Gap
East Timor Considers Court Action Against Australia

Battle lines drawn in fight for oil riches off East Timor
Australia-Timor Gap- No Dispute On Sea Bed Boundary
Timor Gap negotiations enter "end game"
Timor treaty spat grows
Shell maintains floating LNG the way to go
E. Timor Determined To Ink Oil, Gas Pact With Australia-Min
Oil's not well in the Timor Gap

some earlier stories

see also: 
Text of Timor Sea Treaty with side agreements
La'o Hamutuk Bulletin
on Timor Gap
Timor Gap links

Bush approves military sales for East Timor 
Allan Nairn questions Clinton

Senate Resolution on independence passes unanimously
House statements on resolution congratulating ET
U.S. House welcomes new nation East Timor
Frank Wolf (R-VA) on E Timor Independence
Senator Reed (D-RI) Celebrates ET Independence
Senator Torricelli on ET's independence
Pat Kennedy (D-RI) on East Timor's independence

Some History and Background

Black Hawks downed (Deliverance pt 5 of 5)
The politics behind the scenes (Deliverance pt 4 of 5)
Army's deadly double game (Deliverance pt 3 of 5)
First steps - Timor Independence (Deliverance pt 2 of 5)
Inside Story- The Tarnished Brass of Timor (Deliverance pt 1 of 5)

Santa Cruz Massacre Woke Up the World
When East Timor first flew its flag in defiance
1999 Violence the Cost of Independence Vote - Portuguese Diplomat

UK Coverage - East Timor is finally a free country
Ruak knows price of East Timor independence
Pope congratulates East Timorese, urges construction of just society
On Day One of independence, East Timor begins building a nation
Now the beginning is over, East Timorese security is of the essence
Megawati Runs Into Silent Protest in E.Timor
Lisbon`s Leaders Praise Their Troops, Sign Aid Accords
Times- Law and Order Under Threat, Truth Commissioner

Former minister urges Indonesian gov't to compensate E. Timor veterans
Formal Bid Made for Membership in Portuguese-speaking Bloc
Excerpts from Xanana's speech
Belo - RI, E. Timor should omit mutual suspicion

ET readies somber celebration
East Timorese pray that independence will bring peace
East Timor, old woes, to become a new nation
Ramos-Horta Chides Jakarta's Gun Boat Diplomacy

LA Times-E.Timor- A Nation in Waiting Seeks Reconciliation
NPR- East Timor becomes a sovereign state
Vieira de Mello Bids Assembly Farewell, Noting Security, Elections

Democratic ideals, nationalism emerge in East Timor, bishop says
East Timor gets its own stamps
More than 80 Nations Confirm Presence at Independence Celebration
East Timor deserves a clean slate

Timor to open embassies in six countries, ASEAN membership on hold
Dili-Jakarta Transition Accords To Remain Valid After Independence
Clinton and Holbrooke to Timor

Military wants to secure Megawati visit to East Timor
E. Timor to Protect Indon Assets- Xanana [+hero cemetery]
DPR Warn of International Conspiracy on E. Timor
PDI Perjuangan shift stance, support Megawati's visit to East Timor
'Megawati's Timor trip would be beneficial'
Megawati and East Timor

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 4: May 2002, Special Independence Issue!

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs

Democracy Now! will be broadcasting from East Timor for the second half of May. Tune in.

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

Other May Coverage
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ABC: East Timor, Birth of a Nation. Website linked to Australian Broadcasting documentary.

UNICEF: A Humanitarian Appeal for Children and Women January – December 2002; June update [PDF files]

International Solidarity for East Timor: A Weapon More Powerful Than Guns (TAPOL)

ICG: Resuming U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties
Foreign Policy in Focus Special Report: U.S. Foreign Military Training: Global Reach, Global Power, and Oversight Issues

UNDP National Human Development Report: Ukan rasik a'an - East Timor - the way ahead
2002 Donors Meeting, Dili, East Timor includes link to National Development Plan

East Timor’s Independence Celebrations website
Sergio de Mello's Farewell Address to Constituent Assembly (PDF file)

UN: The UN Will Stay, SG's Statement on Independence
UN: Security Council, in Presidential Statement, Welcomes Attainment of Independence by E Timor
UN: Deputy SG's Remarks at Opening of UN HQ Exhibition on ET, May 20
UN: Activities of Secretary-General in East Timor, 19-20 May
UN: Security Council establishes new support mission in ET
UN: East Timorese Youth Speaks to Security Council
UN General Assembly Decides to Remove East Timor From List of Non-Self-Governing Territories on Independence (see also Security Council Meets on E Timor)

CIIR: Development in East Timor Sustaining momentum in a fragile environment
CIIR: Hope in hard times Women's struggle for justice in East Timor

Final Text of Constitution PDF files: Official Portuguese; Translations: English; Bahasa Indonesian; Tetun. Click here for previous drafts

Kissinger Watch
Spring 2002 Estafeta online


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