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May 2002

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NGOs Write to Secretary of State. Powell and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on Military Ties to Indonesia
U.S. NGOs to Powell on Debt-Free East Timor
Congress Supports Debt-Free East Timor

UN Human Rights Commission Abandons Justice for East Timor; ETAN Calls Statement a Rotten Present for Millennium's First New Country
ETAN: Activists Welcome Ratification Of International Criminal Court, But Say East Timor Needs Own Tribunal

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

Independence Coverage

May 26 - 31
East Timor dilemma for ASEAN
'No way to Oecussi through West Timor'
U.S. pursues creative ways to evade the reach of the world criminal
Ramos Horta may step down as foreign minister by end of year
Postponement of Gusmao's visit affects Indon diplomacy

U.S. Calling on Indonesia to Curtail Military's Financial Power
New Future, Hidden Past (on Justice)
Indonesia postpones Gusmao's visit
E. Timor tells Indonesia to drop its asset compensation demand
East Timor faces difficult choices
Concern advances Timor hygiene, health

Law comes to East Timor

E. Timor To Offer Amnesty To Pro-Jakarta Militiamen [for minor crimes]
Church Should Lose 'Political Protagonism'- Portuguese Cardinal
Interview with Kristy Sword Gusmao
East Timor's president says church plays large role in reconstruction

May 19-27
Dili's budget underspend slows growth
Portuguese Return To Heal Old Wounds
US Congress Holds Back Indonesia Military Aid
Four Indonesians MPs insist they will continue representing E Timor
Australia, Indonesia discuss military ties
Int'l Herald Tribune - A language challenge for Timorese schools
Bishop urges expulsion of Portuguese journalist from East Timor
East Timor looks for Olympic recognition this year
E. Timor sees tourism future from natural beauty
LATimes - The Hard Work of Forgiveness

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (Part 5)

Read updates at JSMP/IPJET website 
Inside Story- The Tarnished Brass of Timor

Women Worldwide Call For an International Tribunal For East Timor: Officials, Scholars And Activists Say Justice For Crimes Against Timorese Women Needed
ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian Courts Will Not Bring Justice to E Timor
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments
ETAN: Newly Appointed Indonesian Judges Will Not Provide Long-Delayed Justice for East Timor

Mass grave, Tumin, Oecussi where 74 were killed on Sept. 9, 1999. No crimes in Oecussi will be prosecuted in Indonesian courts.
Photo by Jörg Meier.

Indonesia charges Timor militia leader
Jakarta gave funds to my militia, says chief
Injured Survivors Recount Militia Massacre in E. Timor
Getting Away with Murder
Soldiers 'watched rape'

"Show trials' likely to let off generals

Rights trial witnesses fail to detail E. Timor mayhem
Hopes fade for East Timor justice
Indonesian NGOs' press statment- UNCHR verified impunity
Report rubbishes Timor trials
Annan urges Indon to press ahead with Timor rights trial

Victim witnesses must testify before court- UNTAET official
Men in military uniform buried massacre victims- Witness
UNAMET, UN civilian police responsible for E. Timor violence- General
Timor trials set to downplay role of Indonesian military
Prosecutors Summon Militia Leader For E. Timor Rights Case

The Ad Hoc Human Rights Trials are far away from international standards
UNTAET urged to present victim witnesses at trial
Indonesia questions standard of rights tribunal
Indonesia Reluctant To Prosecute Killers of Western Journalist

Military 'aided civilian guards in East Timor'
Former police chief blames superiors for East Timor debacle
'I was ordered to bury 25 victims of attack on East Timor church'

International Crisis Group: The Implications of the Timor Trials
Masters of Terror: The most complete set of profiles available so far of the key suspects in the 1999 destruction of East Timor
HRW: East Timor: Stronger Judiciary Needed

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May 12-18
Senators to Rumsfeld, Powell Re. Indonesian Military
Symbol of Tolerance, PM Alkatiri a Muslim in Christian Land
Security Council OKs E. Timor Mission, 5,000 UN Troops
Patriot's long drive to freedom
U.S. Peacekeepers May Leave E. Timor; Immunity Sought From War Crimes Court
UN Hails Progress Toward Food Self-sufficiency In E Timor
Two Portuguese Activists Recall 20-Year Struggle

Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo- Freedom Is Not Enough
Timor bishop complains of rise in prostitution
Catholic Church Still a Power to Be Reckoned With
Pope prays for East Timor as pilgrims wish pontiff 'Happy Birthday'
First Tetum-language Bible Expected by End of Next Year
East Timor's Startling Underwater World
East Timor gets early taste of diplomatic 'niceties'
Coffee Production Threatened by Demise of Silk Tree
Dili's bubble to burst as foreigners pull out

Refugees and West Timor

Reconciliation as refugees return to East Timor
Indon govt urged to lobby UN to lift sanction call in East Nusa Tenggara
Da Costa denies plan to move HQs to W. Timor

West Timor military consoles prointegration refugees
UN warns East Timor militias- behave or else
UNHCR Sets Six-Month Limit for Repatriation of East Timorese Refugees
UNHCR- East Timorese to lose refugee status by year's end

Indonesian Gov't Suspends Closing East Timorese Refugee Camp
Half of Remaining Refugees Said Ready To Return Home
East Timorese return home ahead of independence
Bleak Future For Abandoned East Timor Militia

Truth quest starts with families who killed their own
Rewriting Timor's Past - Journalism in the new East Timor
Dutch journalist murder case likely to close, says Indon military
Fear traps thousands in West Timor camps
Ex-Resistance Fighter Says Uphill Struggle Ahead on Women`s Rights
Band's return to Dili ends long journey - BIRTH OF A NATION
Australia's equivocal support for East Timor acknowledged
Udayana Military commander ready for anti-East Timor rallies

East Timor's Independence Won't Mean Self-Sufficiency -- Yet
E Timor Budget Gaps
Portugal reduces aid to East Timor
Joint Statement of East Timorese and International NGOs To Dili Donors’ Conference
East Timor Grapples With Languages
Cash-Strapped E. Timor Unveils Development Blueprint For Future
E. Timor- Asia's newest country is also the poorest

Nationhood Near, Hopes Are Rising In East Timor
Problems Loom For East Timor
East Timor- Impossible Dream, Daunting Reality
Fury as Indonesian 'army killer' returns to E Timor

May 5-11
Here We Go Again; U.S. considers renewing military ties to Indonesia
Vanilla worth a bean or two in East Timor
Priest fears rough justice in Timor
Trial of soldier's killer aids effort to build Indon-NZ ties
E.Timor- Never Forgotten, Though Maybe Forgiven (Truth Commission)
E. Timorese exiles could mount revolt against Dili- leader

Applauding Suu Kyi's Release, Dili Urges End to Burma Sanctions
Gusmao sends message of reconciliation [+Gusmao looks Timor's future]
East Timor puts justice to one side
Army chief tells Indonesians to forget the past with East Timor
Letter to Helen Clark calls for International Tribunal
East Timor goes from despair to hope

May 1 - 4
SCMP editorial- East Timor Facing The Future
New Zealand wants military ties with Indon restored- NZ Ambassador
U.S. Defence Chief Calls For Renewed Indonesia Ties
Xanana Prioritizes Raising Living Standards

Tempo interview with Xanana Gusmao
International Development Conference Gets Underway Wednesday

Leahy & Powell on Indonesia-E Timor
Koizumi Meets ET Leaders 

East Timor goes from despair to hope

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 4: May 2002, Special Independence Issue!

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs

Democracy Now! will be broadcasting from East Timor for the second half of May. Tune in.

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

Late May
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Final Text of Constitution PDF files: Official Portuguese; Translations: English; Bahasa Indonesian; Tetun. Click here for previous drafts

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