Subject: East Timor Press Review 7 August 2002

East Timor Local Press

Summary of local media monitoring August 7, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e front page reported that the 19-staff of the Community Empowerment and Local Governance Project (CEP) protested yesterday against the selection process used in the recruitment of staff.

· The paper reported again on the protest held by students yesterday regarding higher fees as well as other issues including the Border Control court case. The students called on Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, to step down from government.

· STL reported on the strike held by lawyers because of government [Mari Alkatiri] interference with the court’s rulings.

· The vice-president of the Commission on Culture, Education Youth and Sports, Fransisco Geronimo, says the Parliament should have established laws on education already.

· STL reported that a request made by Joao Tavares for the setting up of a Transit Center for those refugees returning with him has been declined by the government of East Timor because it can create jealousy within the community.

· Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Armindo Maia, has been quoted as saying that Timorese students will still be sent to Indonesia to further their education. He says his department will look for quality rather than quantity contrary to the Indonesian Education system.

· A 9-year-old girl was sexually abused by her uncle last Thursday in Liquiça district while her parents had gone to the hospital.

· Two young boys aged approximately 12 years old were badly beaten by traders at Comoro market for stealing goods.

· The Rector of Dili University, Lucas da Costa, is quoted as saying that he believes the Minister of Finance focuses only on taxation rather than looking into the real economy living condition of many East Timorese.

· Jose da Costa Ximenes, a Dili judge, says Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, should not make comments without knowing about court proceedings [referring to Border Control court case].

· Minister of Finance, Maria Madalena Boavida, said that for the first time the tribunal has opposed a decision made by the Government.

· STL reported that PKF Japanese engineers have been training Timorese construction workers in Tasi Tolo, Dili.

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokesperson’s office]

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