Subject: East Timor Press Review Thursday 7 August 2002

East Timor Local Press

Summary of local media monitoring August 6, 2002

· Timor Post ran a front page story on the demonstration held yesterday by university students and lawyers who demanded an end to the current court process on goods seized by Border Control officers. In the same article TP reported that Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri had agreed to meet with the demonstrators.

· MP Francisco Xavier do Amaral has been quoted as saying that penalties should be enforced for those found guilty of illegally importing cigarettes. Meanwhile 19 lawyers addressed the National Parliament yesterday about the illegal goods seized by Border Control Officers court case being heard by the Dili District Court.

· TP reported that East Timor Police Service (ETPS) Commissioner, Paulo Fatima Martins, has denied allegations that some ETPS officers were former pro-Indonesia militia members.

· Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus, said that South Ocean Pacific Applied Commission (SOPAC) has requested East Timor to become its member with the support of the Asia Development Bank.

· Chief of Commissions A of the National Parliament of East Timor, Vicente da Silva Guterres, stressed that the country’s judicial system is not operating accurately.

· Doctors at the National Hospital in Dili demanded personal security following an attempt to kill a doctor at the hospital last week.

· PARENTIL Political Party President, Flaviano Pereira, is reported as saying that the Government has to create new government structures in the sub-districts.

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e front page reported Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, Minister of Internal Administration and Vice-Minister of Justice as saying that the court case being heard by the Dili District Court on the goods seized by Border Control officers is not correct. In the same article the head of Dili District Court, Aderito Tilman, states that he disagree with the governments’ opinion on the case.

· The East Timor Lawyers Association called for a “strike” due to the Border Control’s decision not to follow the Courts orders. The association made an appeal to the Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, to show respect for the jurisdiction of the Courts.

· STL reported that MP João Gonçalves (PSD) is disappointed that the Parliament has not addressed the issue of Immigration Law for the country in a letter sent by his party.

· The owner of Cafe Timor in Dili, Cesaltina dos Santos, denies allegations that her business runs a discotheque and a brothel.

· Prime Minister Mari Alkatri says the government is using article 28 of the Constitution, which states that citizens have the right to appeal. He also said that given that there are no higher judicial bodies, the government had to interfere in this instance.

· STL reported that local residents are complaining that foreigners are dominating the small labor industry in Dili.

· The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying that UNHCR is still investigating the Sri Lankans refugee’s status.

· Public Defender Coordinator, Sergio Hornai, says his department wants to establish a new law to stop citizens who do not belong to a political party of speaking about them.

· The Council of Minister discussed a commerce code to be implemented. The council also analyzed and debated the first diploma project, considered crucial to promote foreign investment in the country.

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokesperson’s Office]

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