Subject: East Timor Press Review 8 August 2002

East Timor Local Press

Summary of local media monitoring August 8, 2002

· Timor Post front page story reported MP for Commission A, Alexander Corte-Real, as saying that only members of parliament have the power to remove government officials from office. This in reference to the students protests calling on PM Alkatiri to step down from office.

· The paper reported that the strike being held by lawyers is due to government interference with the court’s ruling.

· A man was sentenced to 2 months prison for throwing rocks and damaging car’s windows last June.

· TP reported that upon his arrival, in Dili, President Xanana Gusmão defended the letter he sent to the Jakarta ad-hoc tribunal saying that the letter did not interfere with Indonesia’s Internal Affairs, that it sought only uniformity in judicial processes. “In my declaration I did not say that Abilio was not guilty,” Mr. Gusmão said. “I simply made it known that I did not agree with the prosecution’s request for a 10 ½ year sentence because I know the process,” he added.

· Deputy Police Commissioner, Julio Hornai, said recruitment of new police officers is currently weak because they must follow a criteria. Mr. Horani said the previous recruitment done by the International Police was based on numbers and not on qualifications.

· ETPS Commissioner, Paulo Fatima Martins, has been quoted as saying that East Timorese police officers will take charge of immigration issues in early September.

· The paper reported that a delegation of 5 university students addressed the National Parliament last Tuesday regarding various issues including higher university fees.

· MP Mariano Sabino Lopes (PD) is quoted as saying that the government should make regulations based on the needs of the people and according to economic realities.

· It is reported that the mobile clinics in Atsabe, Ermera district lack transport and communications.

· A trader wants to take the Border Control Department to court on grounds of overcharging goods brought into the country.

· Residents of Laga, in Baucau sub-district are reporting shortage of drinking water.

· Eighty 80 Timorese have attended a training course on children’s health in order to maintain the services provided by the health department. UNICEF and the government sponsored the training.

· TP reported that Atsabe residents in Ermera district are living in fear of Colimau Group 2000 because on 17 July approximately 45 people from that group assaulted seven local residents.

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokesperson’s Office]

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