Subject: Press excerpts from W Timor 08 - 09 August 2002

Press excerpts from W Timor 08 - 09 August 2002


Unofficial Translation Thurs - Fri, 08 - 09 August 2002

Thursday, 08 August 2002 -Tavares to request meeting with President Xanana Gusmao. -Fransisco Carvalho sends letter to President Xanana Gusmao regarding incident in Cassa -Refugees to receive rice assistance today. -9 TNI members accused over serious crimes in East Timor.

Friday, 09 August 2002 -Rota Virus spreads to TTU, 1 dead and 20 hospitalised.

Thursday, 08 August 2002

Tavares to request meeting with President Xanana Gusmao (Kupang). Former Commander of Pro-integrationists, Joao Tavarez said after the meeting with East Timor delegation in Batugade on Tuesday (6 July) that he would request meeting with President Xanana Gusmao, National Parliament Speaker, and the Prime Minister, before he and his followers decide to return to East Timor. He said that he hoped he would be able to return to East Timor with his followers prior to the planting season since if the returnees missed it then they would have to delay the returning until next year. Attorney General of East Timor, Longghuinos Monteiro responded this request positively and advised Tavarez to make the request in writing to the President. Yet, he would also convey this request to the President. (Pos Kupang, p4).

Fransisco Carvalho sends letter to President Xanana Gusmao regarding incident in Cassa (Kupang) In relation to the incidents on 19 and 25 July in Cassa, East Timor, Chief of East Timorese Reconciliation Forum, Fransisco Lopez de Carvalho said in a press briefing in Kupang that he had already sent a letter to President Xanana Gusmao to request the East Timor government to improve the situation in East Timor to make success the process of reconciliation and repatriation of refugees. He also stated in the letter informing the president of several incidents happened to him, his family and several refugees who returned to East Timor previously. The copy of the letter was also forwarded to UN Secretary General, President Megawati and Indonesian National Parliament Speaker. (Radar Timor, p3).

Refugees to receive rice assistance today (Kupang) Refugees in Kupang district are to receive 58 tones rice assistance from Social Department office today. Coordinators of camps and Head of Social Department of Kupang, Dr. Husein Pancratius discussed the mechanism of the distribution yesterday at the office. It was decided that distribution of rice to the refugees, with priority on pregnant mothers and children, will be conducted by camp coordinators. Dr. Husein also informed that the 250 tonnes rice assistance for refugees from the Government of Italy has been shipped from Surabaya port to Kupang. (NTT Ekspress, p1).

9 TNI members accused over serious crimes in East Timor (Kupang) Col. Koeswarno Moesanip said that he had received list of names of people of East Timor origin including 9 military members who are now accused of serious crimes after the 1999 ballot. The report containing names of 111 persons in the list was given by Attorney General of East Timor Longhuinos Monteira to the Provincial Military recently. He said that out of the places of origin of the accused, there is none from Viqueque and he hoped people of Viqueque origin would return to East Timor soon. (Pos Kupang, p10).

Friday, 09 August 2002

Rota Virus spreads to TTU, 1 dead and 20 hospitalised (Kupang). Rota virus that has been attacking Kupang city and claimed six lives with 728 others hospitalised has now spread to North Central Timor (TTU). As of Thursday (8 August), it has claimed one life and 20 other under fives are receiving treatment at the hospital in Kefamenanu. Head of Public Hospital of Kefamenanu, Dr. Hartono confirmed that for the past four days the number of under five patients has increased drastically. He predicted if the patients increase in the following days, the hospital will run out of space to accommodate. Yet, the hospital's stock of infusion is adequate. (Pos Kupang, p4).

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