Subject: STL: 45 Cases started in Dili District Court during May-July

Suara Timor Lorosa’e 26 July 2002 [trans from Indonesian]

45 Cases started in Dili District Court during May-July

Dili --- The Head of Dili District Court, Aderito P. Tilman, SH, said that the number of cases started in Dili District Court beginning May till the end of July was 45. This data was compiled by the Registry and comprised 22 criminal cases and 23 civil cases.

Aderito delivered this information to STL on Wednesday (24 July) in his office at Dili District Court.

The 22 criminal cases included damages cases (4), molestation (3), offences (2), rape (5), traffic accidents (5), intention to murder (1), blackmail and extortion(1) and theft (1), he explained.

The 23 civil cases were predominantly about illegal occupations of land and houses. Aside from those cases, there were also cases about contract agreements, divorce and a child adoption application.

He explained that the criminal and civil cases were distributed to the judges. There are some cases are in the witness and suspect investigations but many cases have not yet been investigated by a judge.

Aderito acknowledged that most of the cases have not yet been decided and this has been influenced by the lack of certainty about the jurisdiction of judges levels 1 and 2 which terminated on 20 May last.

When prompted about whether or not the proceedings would be further hampered because several judges are soon to be assigned to the Suai District Court/Prosecutor, Aderito acknowledged that, indeed, at the present, there are many cases in the Dili District Court which are being handled by judges who are later going to be transferred to the District Court in Suai. Therefore, new cases which come into Dili District Court are no longer going to be assigned to those judges. The cases which they are handling now must be completed up to the decision stage before the judges are assigned to Suai later. Then the Dili District Court judges can deal with new cases which come in. (Armandina).

[Trans. © 2002 warrenlwright]

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