Subject: East Timor Press Review 31 July 2002

East Timor Local News

Summary of local media monitoring 31 July 2002

· The Timor Post ran a front-page story in which Minister of Internal Administration Rogerio Lobato was quoted as saying that veterans were only allowed to wear their uniforms on independence day last May. The Timor Post also reported that L-7, Eli Foho Rai Boot, has been named an official police adviser

· MP João Gonçalves (PSD) criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Protocol Department for being “disorganized” in making arrangements for an East Timor delegation to attend an International Parliamentary Union conference in the Philippines last week.

· Many students are reportedly happy because local and international NGOs are offering free computer courses and English and Portuguese language lessons.

· Public Defender Benevides Correia Barros said that the Government must adhere to strict extradition laws and not grant amnesties to people suspected of committing politically related crimes in 1999.

· Residents of Maliana are reportedly calling for police protection in the face of continued threats from the from the Colimau 2000 group.

· The Suara Timor Lorosa’e front page reported on President Gusmao’s visit to Brazil.

· A member of an East Timorese GNR patrol reportedly punched a minibus driver in Baucau.

· The Head of the Dili District Tribunal, Aderito Tilman, was quoted as saying that too many training sessions are causing scheduling problems for East Timor’s judges.

· Merchants are reportedly calling on the Government to crack down on Indonesians illegally selling goods in East Timor.

· Deputy Director of the East Timor Police Service Julio da Costa Hornai is quoted as saying that the ETPS are keeping an eye on the Sri Lankan boat currently moored in Dili Harbour.

· The Commander of the Fire Department Claudio da Silva is quoted as saying that the bombeiros are ready and eager to respond to emergencies but are hampered by poor communications equipment.

[Drafted by Ghelly Corte-real UNMISET, Spokesperson’s Office]

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