Subject: East Timor Press Review 13 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

13 August, 2002

· Timor Post reports that political party, PSD, put out a communiqué stating that the nomination for ambassadors should be made based on the constitution and not on kinship.

· TP reported that President Xanana Gusmão requested the minister of Agriculture, Estanislau da Silva, to brief him about the disease affecting coconut trees in Baucau District.

· MP Jose Manuel stated that it’s irrelevant for the East Timorese Armed Forces to have two names (FDTL/FALINTIL).

· “Subversion law is a powerful weapon used by an authoritative regime to suppress competent political parties in a nation” stressed MP Mariano Sabino (PD).

· Secretary of State for Labor and Solidarity, Arsenio Bano, announced that East Timor and Malaysia are discussing plans to send East Timorese workers to Malaysia. In the same article the Department of Public Works and ILO are holding a workshop on Arbitration.

· ETPS commissioner, Paulo Martins, has been quoted as saying that at least three people are receiving treatment at the Dili National Hospital after a violent incident at the Taibesi market on Sunday night.

· STL reported that the strike being held by the judges is due to the lack of Government initiatives in not abiding by the courts’ decision.

· STL reported that East Timorese refugees living in West Timor received rice from the Indonesia government. The Indonesian Government is also reported to say that more rice will be given if properly distributed by the coordinators.

· The head of the Serious Crimes Administration, Fabio Buonomo, stated that 8 cases of serious crimes have been reported so far this year.

· It was reported that 3 Border Control Officers have allegedly met with President Xanana Gusmão to ask for their protection.

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e reported that it is unclear whether the Kolimau 2000 group has entered in the District of Liquiça.

· STL reported that the Minister for Education and the Minister for Health signed an MOU of cooperation for the implementation of the National Development Plan for East Timor.

· STL front page featured a photo of the meeting held between PMs Mari Alkatiri and Mahathir Mohamed and the East Timor delegation.

· The Director-General of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Olimpio Branco, has been quoted as saying that East Timor has given priority for the establishment of embassies in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal, and America and that it does not have enough resources to open embassies anywhere else.

· President Xanana Gusmão requested a meeting with the Director of Border Control, Cancio Oliveira de Jesus, to be briefed on Border Control issues as well as the court case, reported STL.

· STL reported that Aderito Tilman and Jose da Costa Ximenes, both judges from Dili District Court, met President Xanana Gusmão last Saturday to explain the Border Control case currently being heard.

· The President plans to sit and discuss the border control case with the Inspector General, Mariano Lopes da Cruz. Many East Timorese in the legal field have supported this initiative by the President.

· It is reported that even though President Xanana Gusmão vetoed the law on the increase of goods taxes that the prices are still on the rise.

· Farmers in Baucau District announced that this years rice harvest has been good but that farmers are finding it difficult to sell the rice.

· It is reported that many children work after school to be able to pay for school fees because parents cannot afford the fees.

· Viqueque District Administrator, Francisco da Silva, stated that recruiting is ongoing to find a suitable sub-district coordinator for Viqueque District.

· Residents of the Lacluta sub-district are requesting the government to open a road to their sub-village.

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