Subject: East Timor Press Review 16 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

16 August, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e front page reported on the sentence handed down to the former Indonesian governor to East Timor Abilio Osorio by Jakarta Ad Hoc Human Rights Tribunal.

· Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works, Ovidio de Jesus Amaral, signed an agreement at the Dili Port, with Indonesian government officials that sees the establishment of a ferry line operating between Dili, Ataúro, Oecussi and Los Palos.

· STL reported on the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner concerns following the verdict of Indonesia Ad-Hoc tribunal.

· FDTL Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, stated that FDTL has no plans to commemorate Falintil Day on 20 August because the force’s budget is very limited. BrigGen Ruak stressed that the government can also celebrate this day and that it is not only the Army’s day.

· It is reported that the former Agriculture and Local Government Office in Dili has now turned into an emergency market.

· The Commission for Reception Truth and Reconciliation has been given authority to investigate Humans Rights violations committed in East Timor since 1974 up until 1999, reports STL.

· MP Jose Andrade has affirmed that he is 100 per cent sure that former pro-Indonesia militia head, João Tavares, will not come back to East Timor.

· On the District News page STL reported that residents of Lakluta sub-district are complaining about constant power shortage.

· A football field in Ainaro village is now turned into a market place.

· German Technology Cooperation together with Canadian Development Agency (CIDA) began working on water supply for residents in Viqueque district.

· Rice farmer will get a generator for water irrigation of fields in Same District as part of the 2002/2003 budget.

· Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus, informed that the Asian Pacific Nations and donor countries are willing to help East Timor in the establishing of a water supply system for the new country, reported Timor Post.

· Dili residents are complaining that constant power cuts are damaging their electricity equipment. Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus, noted that electricity users must pay their bills to avoid electricity cuts.

· MP, Pedro da Costa Martires (PSD), says infrastructure is not properly in place yet to carry its services in the districts and sub-districts as established by the central government.

· TP reported that the President of the Democratic Party, Antonio Ximenes, stated that the government should not waste more time on persuading former militias members to return to East Timor.

· Pedro Gomes (ASDT) says the government must sit and talk with members of CPD-RDTL.

· A former Falintil commander known as “Comandante Ular” says one cannot deny Falintil Day.

· On a separate TP article “Comandante Ular” stressed that the Colimau Group 2000 has been receiving support from the Indonesian military the same way former pro-Indonesian groups were formed in order to discredited the resistance movement.

· It is reported that local residents in Bidau Tokobarro by the Dili National Hospital, were frightened by gunshots fired in the area yesterday, reported TP.

· The Elementary School in Gleno, Ermera District, rehabilitated by the Canadian Development Agency (CIDA) and International Organization for Migration (IOM), was inaugurated by the Head of CIDA Mr.Drew Kutchen Gold, on tuesday. The school has been renamed Nino Konis Santana, reported TP.

[Drafted by the UNMISET Spokesperson’s Office]

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