Subject: East Timor Press Review 20 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

20 August, 2002

· In Timor Post front Page it is reported that Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, has denied that FDTL/FALINTIL will have dual functions in East Timor.

· In a separate article TP reported that although East Timor became a democratic nation, the Government of the Democracy Republic of East Timor (RDTL) had not authorized former FALINTIL members to officially commemorate FALINTIL Day. Minister for Internal Administration, Rogerio Lobato, said that until yesterday the former FALINTIL members had not asked the government for permission to participate in the event.

· The Chief of FDTL, Colonel Lere Anang has been quoted as saying that officially there is only one Defense Force in the country. Any forces created by the CPD-RDTL group will not be part of the new defense force.

· Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos- Horta, stated that Japan has been the biggest donor nation for East Timor since 1999. In the same article President Xanana Gusmão emphasized that Japan has requested that the East Timorese government places greater emphasis on the Agriculture Sector and in Infrastructure in the rebuilding of East Timor.

· Three members of Partido Socialista Democratio(PSD) met with President Xanana Gusmão and informed the president that the current social and political problems emerging are caused because decentralization has not started in the districts.

· ETPS deputy-commissioner, Julio Hornai, informed that at least 630 nationals and International police would provide security for FALINTIL Day commemorations.

· District page reports

· In Maliana it is reported that approximately 34 local residents have passed tests to join FDTL.

· Twenty-five Baucau district residents including heads of village left East Timor to Thailand today to attend a 2-week training in Agriculture, Fishing and Health.

· Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jose Ramos-Horta, proclaimed today as a public holiday in all districts to commemorate FALINTIL Day because today is an historic day. Mr. Horta added that 20 August is a day of national unity and that all Timorese must unit, reported Suara Timor Lorosa’e.

· Before his departure, Japanese Defense Minister, General Nakatami, stated he hopes that diplomatic relations between Indonesian and East Timor will remain strong for the future of the two nations.

· The Speaker of National Parliament, Francisco Guterres, said that FALINTIL was created with a mission, to liberate East Timor from the imperialist nations. He said, “My feelings are very strong because it was on 20 August that FALINTIL was born with a mission, to liberate the nation and its people from the imperialism of other nations. This a historic day that must be commemorated, to raise the flag, and remember those FALINTIL warriors that died during in the resistance.”

· East Timor Police Commissioner, Paulo Martins, has stated that East Timorese Police officers are ready to provide security on FALINTIL Day.

· STL reported that the 50 prisoners that fled Becora prison are still at large after the Friday jailbreak.

· STL reported that President Xanana Gusmão has been presented with a project proposal for a power station to be built in Iralalaro (Lospalos) by PNT president Abilio de Araujo.

· A 5-year old boy has reportedly drowned in Tasi Tolu beach last Sunday. Australians recovered the body a few hours after the accident.

· MP Milena Pires (PSD) has resigned from parliament stating that there are other functions to assume in the developing of East Timor.

· An alliance of local NGO’s is demanding the establishing of an International Tribunal following the verdict last week by the Jakarta Ad Hoc Tribunal.

· The East Timorese Government in Dili has confiscated twenty tones of sandalwood. Minister of Agriculture, Estanislau da Silva, said, “We found sandalwood accumulated in various locations which indicates it is for export.”

· It is reported that Hong Kong millionaire, Eric Hotung, will soon become the honorary Economic Ambassador of East Timor.

[Drafted by the UNMISET Spokesperson’s Office]

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