Subject: East Timor Press Review 27 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

27 August, 2002

· Timor Post reported today that President Xanana Gusmão stated that all the Timorese people must come together as one for the establishment of an international tribunal.

· TP also reported that President Gusmão and Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri have rejected the request of a people’s tribunal because it would be to denounce democracy, human rights, the constitution and the state itself.

· Young Timorese must start learning to speak Portuguese because it is the official language. The Bishop of Dili Diocese and the Portuguese Ambassador on Monday signed an agreement for the establishment of a Portuguese school in Dili. Bishop Belo said that, according to the Constitution, Portuguese is the official language.

· Becora Prison Manager, Carlos Freitas Sarmento stated that at least two-hundred and two prisoners have returned to the prison. It was reported that out of the thirty- three, five were former militia members.

· TP reported that UN-PKF Force Commander, General Winai Pattiyakul and six members of Thaibat presented a farewell gift to President Gusmão yesterday.

· Mozambique Ambassador, Geraldo Antonio Crisna, sent a letter of apology to President Xanana Gusmão for not being able to attend East Timor’s accession to the United Nations on the 27th of September.

· Residents of Hatobuilico have rejected the request of a martial arts teacher to provide martial art lessons in that area by stating that since East Timor freed itself from Indonesia in 1999, the people of that area are living in peace and do not want any more violence.

· ETPS Commissioner, Paulo Martins says the police have increased security at Becora Prison after the jailbreak out two weeks ago.

· TP reports that United Nations Head, Human Rights Commissioner, Mary Robinson has promised ‘the establishment of an International Tribunal for human rights violations.’

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e’s front page reports Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri as saying that the government executives will meet President Gusmao and members of Parliament to discuss the creation of an international tribunal for serious human rights violations in East Timor. Mr. Alkatiri said the international community would establish the International Tribunal after a United Nations decision.

· Referring to Jakarta’s Ad’Hoc Tribunal, President Gusmão said that the Timorese people should not be used as scapegoats on human rights violations committed in East Timor during September 1999.

· STL reported that the new UN-PKF Force Commander from Singapore, General Major Tan Huck Gim arrived last Sunday. PKF Spokesperson Captain, Sarah Hawke stated that August 30th Major General, Tan Huck Gim would officially take over from Lieutenant General Winay Pattiyakul.

· UNICEF and Forum Communication Oratorio (FKO) Salesian Don Bosco, in Balide, Dili, launched a seminar focusing on Street Children this week.

· It is claimed that Dili District Court sessions have been going off and on, unlike the hearing process, which has been operating consistenly.

· Minister of Internal Administration, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, stressed that former Falintil members have to be patient because the RDTL Government is just three months old and can not solve all problems.

· Antonio Ai Tahan Matak stated that leaders of that group did not participate at last Wednesda’s meeting because the aspirations of CPD-RDTL presented to the government have not been met for the past 3 years. Ai Tahan Matak added ‘the dialogue was requested by the people to present their feelings and concerns to the government.’ In response to the National Parliament President’s comments, Ai Tahan Matak said, “Mr. Lu’olo stated that CPD-RDTL are a bunch of rubbish and illegal. Therefore we didn’t have to be present at the meeting. If they are the leaders, the government are the ones to solve the problems, not us.”

· It is reported that residents of Semedo suco in Maubara sub-district do not have drinking water up to date because the water pipes were destroyed and looted during September 1999 violence.

· Water canals in Dili city has been covered with dirt, reports STL.

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokesperson’s Office]

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