Subject: East Timor Press Review 28 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

28 August, 2002

· On two separate articles of Suara Timor Lorosae front page reported that after 100 days of independence Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri has improved as the head of government. Some are of the opinion that up to date he has not solved many problems namely the decentralization of government structure in the districts.

· STL also reported on its front page that Minister of Transport, Communication and Public Works, Ovidio de Jesus Amaral has stated that on 31st August, his department would complete the tender project program on international telecommunications with PT. Marconi Portugal. Marconi Portugal won the tender last Month.

· The Bishop of Dili Diocese, Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo has called on the East Timorese leaders to listen to the suffering of victim’s families and voice their concern as one in order to establish the international tribunal.

· STL reported that the Bishop of Dili, Mgr. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo would undergo health treatment for three months in Rome. The bishop said that wile in Rome he will care of some issues relating to Dili Diocese.

· MP Leandro Isac called on Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri ministry the need of a Cabinet reshuffle because after 100 days in office those ministers who have not performed their duty should be out of their jobs. Mr. Isa’ac stressed that the government is too centralist, leaving the people in the districts without any information on the government activities. Meanwhile Francisco “Lu Olo” Guterres says that in the 100 days of government, Mr. Alkatiri has tried his best for the work to be successful.

· It is reported that the majority of Members of Parliament have agreed on the establishment of an International Tribunal in East Timor.

· It is reported that the Inspector General, Mariano Lopes da Cruz and six other members of government will depart to Malaysia on August 31st, to obtain further training matters related to corruption.

· Timor post reported the heated debated between PSD and KOTA MP’s on the national dialog between CPD-RDTL and government officials. KOTA rejected the dialogue saying that it was illegal and unconstitutional. MP Manuel Tilman of KOTA urged an investigation into this issue.

· CPD-RDTL Coordinator, Ai Tahan Matak said that he agreed with Bishop Belo’s comment that it is better for his organization (CPD-RDTL) to legalize itself by becoming a political party.

· It is reported that Israel Ambassador to Singapore, Itza arrived in Dili yesterday for a three-day visit. Mr. Itza is schedule to meet the President Gusmão and government officials. Among other issues to be discussed is a compound for the establishment of the Israeli embassy.

· National Parliament Vice-President, Jacob Fernandes informed that Parliament members would next week discuss the resolution on the establishment of an International Tribunal for human rights violations.

· It is reported that candidates chosen to study in Indonesia as specialist doctors did not follow the procedures (not transparent) stated MP Leandro Isa’ac (PSD). Mr. Isa’ac said the health department chose them by itself. In the same article Vice-Minister of Health, Luis Lobato noted, “It was not decided by the health department but through an assessment made by a group of doctors.”

· The Head of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Aniceto Lopes Guterres says the country’s judicial system is under the responsibility of the government and not the commission.

· Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jorge Teme yesterday said that East Timor government representatives were present on the-33 South Pacific Forum as an observer.

· The local Catholic radio (RTK) began month training to eighteen Timorese community radio journalist. The training has been supported by CEP (Community Empowerment Project).

· MP Antonio Lelan was quoted as saying he has reported to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos-Horta on East Timorese student’s detention by Indonesian Army at Oecussi border claiming the students have crossed the border illegally. Mr. Lelan said students have been requested to pay US$50 each although they have complete documents.

· TP reported on the school materials donated by first lady, Kirsty Gusmão to the secondary school in Fahinehan in Same district.

[Drafted by the UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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