Subject: East Timor Press Review 29 August, 2002

East Timor Press Review

29 August, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e front page reported on the Chief staff of FDTL, Colonel Lere Anan Timor quoted as saying that the decision of Captain Domingos “Amico” da Camara to resign from East Timor Military service was a big loss for the big family of FDTL because his merit could not be valued by words only.

· Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri explained that East Timor’s national development is the responsibility of all components in the society and not only of the Government. In the same article Mr. Alkatiri said that FDTL, as one of the pillars in national development, should contribute to the development itself because the success of it depends on national stability.

· Spokesperson of Boat People, Ajante said that the 58-Srilankan refugees had been moved to the former transport service building and soon they would be sent back to their country, reported STL.

· Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jorge Teme stated that East Timor has established diplomatic ties with five Pacific island countries; Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Marchal Island and Cook Island.

· It is reported that the national campaign of immunization will be conducted in two steps: on 28 September and 26 October.

· STL reported that a UN car in Hera hit a nine-year old boy yesterday.

· President of the Association of East Timor Lawyers, Benevides Barros stated that the International Tribunal would not be established without the active effort by East Timorese themselves.

· Minister of Education, Armindo Maia said that during the “100 days” of the Government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, the Government focused on the reconstruction of infrastructure, rebuilding of schools, recruitment and training for new teachers. In the same article Mr. Maia also said that Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri would soon report on all programs prepared by the Ministry of Education.

· Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri said that the Government pays attention to all people and not to certain groups only.

· MP Joao Gonçalves, during a debate at the Parliament, did not accept the political statement presented by KOTA party.

· The company, Sinilever CO.LTD began its activities of road construction in Oecusse.

· It is reported that Association of East Timorese Veterans had sent four of its members to Java-Indonesia for a rattan handicrafts training yesterday.

· Faulata village residents of Ainaro district complained about the absence of schools in that village.

· For almost 20 years working as the Head of Dili Diocese, Mgr. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo decided to take a three-month leave and also to do some medical check-ups overseas.

· Timor Post reported on Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri as saying that MP Manuel Tilman “ does not really understand East Timor Constitution, and he needs to learn more about it”

· President Xanana Gusmão will ask MP Manuel Tilman for an explanation about the political statement issued by KOTA party on national dialog conducted between the Government and the CPD-RDTL members last week.

· Brigadier General of FDTL Taur Matan Ruak announced that next year some FDTL officials will be trained in Australia, China, Brazil and New Zealand.

· Vice Minister of Communication, Cesar Morreira said that he was also disappointed with the actions of foreign companies due to their unwillingness to work with the national ones.

· East Timor Fuel staff, Fransisco reported that he discovered some corruption done by the Government official by misusing the free of charge coupon when filling the gas for the government-owned cars.

· MP Jose Manuel Fernandes stated that the integration of East Timor into Pacific Forum Countries would have a benefit in political and economic sectors.

· Primer Minister Mari Alkatiri stated that the Government would find ways to resolve the problems of former Falintil members as a whole and not on the individual cases.

· Dili sub-district coordinator, Joaquim Saldanha said that as one of the cities of this country, Dili would regain its title as “the cleanest city” in South East Asia.

· PNT President, Abilio Araujo was quoted as saying that the foreign business community should work together with the national ones.

· Vice-Minister of Health, Luis Lobato reported that from the budget of 2002/2003, Health Department would rehabilitate 109 health service centers in all districts. All health centers will be equipped with water supply and solar power facilities as well as radio.

· The paper also reported that the three big parties: PSD, PD and Fretilin supported the idea of CPD-RDTL being as a political party.

· MP Antonio Machado Cardoso said that we couldn’t consider the work of the Government of Democratic Republic of East Timor as a failure because it scratched from zero.

[Drafted by the UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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