Subject: East Timor Press Review, 11 December 2002

East Timor Press Review

Dili, 11 December 2002

Foreign passport saved Timor-Leste Immigration department informed that the attack on the building last week did not destroy foreign passports held by the office says STL. It is reported that the only documents destroyed were that of the Timorese seeking temporally travel documents and some damages done to the building. (STL)

LTPS/UNPOL establishes team of investigators TLPS and UNPOL have established a team to investigate last week riots. The team comprises of 16 personnel from both units. Speaking to the media during a press conference at UNPOL Headquarters in Dili on Tuesday, TLPS Chief Investigation officer, Gorge Monteiro said the suspects and victims have been reported to the TLPS Commissioner Paulo Martins. (STL)

Lolotoi residents threatened by hunger Timor Post reported that around 7000 villagers in Lolotoi, Bobonaro sub-district are facing hunger due to the long dry season. The head of that district, Nicolao Moniz informed during a meeting held in Maliana for all Bobonaro heads of districts said the newspaper.

New Portuguese Language Manual for Police The Timorese police have been presented with a Portuguese language manual on Tuesday at the Police Academy in Dili to assist the officers in learning of the language. The book has been considered by Timor-Leste authorities as an example to apply to other sectors of the administration. Using images, picture and games, the manual exemplify what to say and how to respond if the officers are being solicited about information as well as in cases of incidents of transit and thefts. The terminologist of the manual is specific to the police.East Timor Press Review

Dili, 10 December 2002

US Wants Stability in Timor-Leste The new United States Ambassador to Timor-Leste Grover Joseph Rees III on Monday presented his credential to President Gusmão. “I am happy (...) with Grover Rees nomination as ambassador, given his knowledge about our nation”, said Xanana Gusmão during the ceremony. “ I believe that ambassador Rees will hold an important role in the development of future cooperation between United of America and Timor-Leste”, added the President. In a press release President’s Gusmão office recalled that Washington government has been supporting Timor-Leste since 1999 through USAid with various program in support of the civil society. Speaking to the media Grover Joseph Rees III said that his country is proud of the freedom and democracy achieved by RDTL. He added that the United States of America would like to see the involvement of the Timorese people in supporting their government to maintain security, democracy and stability in order to attract foreign investors. (TP, STL, Lusa)

Purpose of Riot to Discredit the Government Suara Timor Lorosae reported that the majority of Timorese parliamentarians allege that there may be a group in the country instigating riots with the aim of discrediting the government. According to the daily damages to the National Parliament building from last week riots would cost millions of dollars. (STL)

Minister of Finance Says “Many Investors Left the Country” The attacks to shops, hotels and offices in Dili last week forced business people to flee the country including Australians said Minister of Finance Madalena Boavida. (STL)

Detainees released Timor Post reported that 65 people out of 75 detained in connection to last Wednesday riot have been released. The paper says that the remaining suspects are now in Becora prison awaiting further investigation This daily reported Timorese businessman Oscar Lima as saying that last week’s riot left 500 people without jobs. (TP)

NGOs Condemn Violence Seventeen Timorese non-government organization (NGO) on Monday condemned last week’s violence in a joint statement describing “four types of intervenients”, many openly involved in the disturbance planning, reported Lusa. The document said it was clear that various individuals were responsible “in inciting the mass and direct them to the destruction of certain targets”, carrying with them “petrol” to set fire. The document also said that some individuals ‘carried sword hidden under their clothes’ incited and ordered the youths and adolescents to pelt and set fire to some buildings said the newsagency. (Lusa)

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