Subject: East Timor Press Review Monday 1 July 2002

East Timor Press Review

Monday 1 July 2002

∑ President Xanana Gusm„o has instructed Prosecutor General Longuinhos Monteiro to continue the dialogue process with former pro-Indonesian groups, the Timor Post reported in its Saturday edition.

∑ A total of US $800,000 in funding is reportedly required for the rehabilitation an office for the president in Caicoli.

∑ Seventy-two public transport buses have been assigned new route operations by the government.

∑ A Memorandum of Cooperation was reportedly signed last Friday between East Timorese and unidentified Macau businessmen.

∑ Sixteen national NGOs launched the National Parliament Observer Commission last Thursday.

∑ East Timor National University Professor Valentim Ximenes was quoted as saying that due to the lack of capability of heads of Government, the current administration will not last long.

∑ MP Antonio Ximenes (PDC) urged the Government to explain the pension payment criteria for former Indonesian public servants.

∑ Aileu district residents are complaining about the decrease in sales of their agriculture products.

∑ It is reported that social tensions are increasing due to a lack of employment opportunities

∑ Many Timorese are appealing to the Government to stop the practice of KKN (korrupsi, kolluisi and nepotism) Suara Timor Lorosae reports.

∑ MP Mariano Sabino (PD) said that one of the problems faced by East Timorese youth is that they do not speak Portuguese. He noted that being unable to speak the language, many youth feel that their participation in the development of the country has been discouraged.

∑ One hundred and forty nine ETPS and 52 RRU officers graduated last Saturday. SRSG Kamalesh Sharma attended the ceremony along with Vice Minister for the Internal Administration Ilda Conceicao and other dignitaries.

∑ STL reports that the circulation of illegal drugs is increasing along the border between East and West Timor.

∑ The national security of East Timor is in the hands of the UN, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri is reported as saying.

∑ Prosecutor General Longuinhos Monteiro said that East Timor will benefit greatly when it becomes a member of Interpol, the international police organization.

∑ STL reports that East Timorese refugees in West Timor are facing food shortages.

∑ Taxi drivers are complaining about a government measure forcing them to service less frequented areas of the capital.

∑ Taxi drivers have appealed to the Timorese police to patrol the road in Aimutin in Dili because many taxis vehicles have been pelted with rocks late at night.

∑ The University of Dili has begun enrolling new students.

∑ Small businesses reportedly might close due to a 20 % tax increase on sales.

∑ The Director of the Center for Applied Science and Technology, Estanislau de Sousa Saldanha, said that taking Australia to the International Court of Justice over the Timor Gap treaty is an alternative.

∑ A story says that the Government should establish a set price for goods in East Timorese markets.

∑ It is reported that the old market has again turned into a cock fighting center and that market stalls are again cropping up in defiance of a government decision to keep the area free of these activities.

∑ The Minister of Health, Rui Araķjo, said that due to limited funds the government must open its doors to the private sector once health regulations have been established.

∑ STL says traffic in East Timor is not as busy as it was during the UNTAET period.

[Drafted by: Ceu Brites UNMISET Spokespersonís office]

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