Subject: East Timor Press Review Thursday 11 July 2002

East Timor Press Review 
Thursday 11 July 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e ran a story on the protest rally held yesterday in front of the National Parliament by hundreds of former Indonesian civil servants. After a dialogue between the crowd and three MPs, a group of 10 protesters was allowed in to the building for a 30-minute meeting Lu Olo.

· STL reported that President Xanana Gusmão and Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Ramos-Horta will attend an investment seminar and expo in Darwin to promote investment in East Timor.

· Police in Maliana are reportedly unable to cope with the activities of the Kolimau 2000 group that has been stealing and generally frightening people in the area.

· Fifteen cases of rape were reported to the police in Dili between the months of January and June.

· A Comoro resident has reportedly complained that frequent power cuts have caused damage to his electrical appliances.

· Many passengers in Oecussi have reportedly been left stranded and angry because the ferry connecting the enclave and Dili has been experiencing problems.

· MP Vidal Riak Leman (PSD) stressed last Tuesday in a Parliament plenary session that heads of government should be able to accept criticism and take into account the concerns of barefoot citizens.

· STL ran a story on HIV/AIDS in East Timor and how people, especially youth, can avoid it. The article says that HIV/AIDS has become a serious issue ever since foreigners came to East Timor.

· A shop owner in Suai is quoted as saying he has not been officially notified about any sales tax increase.

· Police and the Rapid Response Unit are stopping vehicles without license plates.

· STL says that there is much more crime in East Timor than in previous times.

· Refugees in West Timor are complaining that they have not received aid provided by Japan.

[Drafted by Ceu Brites UNMISET Spokesperson’s office]


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