Subject: TP: Next week L7 will be become Security Advisor

Timor Post 23 July 2002 

Minggu depan L7 dilantik jadi Penasehat Keamanan

(Rough translation of interview with East Timor's Cabinet Minister for Internal Adminstration, Rogerio Lobato)

Next week L7 will be become Security Advisor

Elli Foho Rai Boot otherwise known as L7 will immediately enter the government.

It is planned that next week the ex-Falintil Commander will be become Security Advisor for the Department of Internal Administration of East Timor. This was stated by the Minister of Internal Administration (Rogerio Lobato) during his weekend visit to Atelari, Sub-district of Laga, to attend the ceremony of Independence and the Commemoration of the Resistance Zone 11 December 20-Mei-2002. According to Lobato, the government is paying particular attention to ex-Independence fighters, so they can join in the government process. “L7 is one of the freedom fighters that dominates much of East Timor. It means that the government is recognizing and honouring the merit of the Antigos Combatentes of East Timor.

There is a lot of attention from outside directed to the composition of the government. People are saying that, the leaders are giving the important positions of the government to those that are chosen by the leaders, but not for the others.

To develop this Country, does not mean that everyone will attain positions, but has to go through a process. Every country has only 1 president, 1 prime minister and 1 Chief of Defense Force. It can’t be more than one. It’s true that, in the process some will go high, while others will remain low.

The government cannot provide jobs for everyone, including the freedom fighters. We want to express our thank you, but it would not be enough. Because the freedom fighters have their own families. They have their daily needs said Lobato.

The President of Associação dos Veteranos das Falintil da Resistencia said to the members of Combatentes to make proposals to the government. The proposals have to come from the freedom fighters, and should not just wait for the government to present proposals.

He also made an appeal to the ex-Falintil members, do not think of becoming civil servants, because there is not enough vacancies for all of them. They can form into working groups, and write proposals to the government. The government is ready to assist them.


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