July 2002 

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East Timor celebrates.  
Letter to Secretary of State Powell on Trip to Indonensia

Statement by the ETAN on Restoration of IMET Military Training by Senate Appropriations Committee

NGOs Write House and Senate Appropriations Committees on U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance

Leahy Conditions on Restrictions of Military Assistance for Indonesia Have Not Been Met

ETAN Criticizes U.S. Stance on International Criminal Court

Members of Congress Oppose Bush Administration Moves to Increase Engagement with Indonesian Military

East Timor May 20 Independence Day resolution passed in Berkeley

Support ETAN: Message from Noam Chomksy

August & late July

July 21-27
Ramos Horta praises improved Jakarta ties
Urging more debate, Gusmao vetoes government's tax bill
East Timor joins IMF and World Bank, ADB
Next week L7 will be become Security Advisor
East Timor's Premier Has Arab Ancestry
East Timor army takes over district from UN force for first time

Timor UN chief wins human rights job
Former militia boss says he's prepared to be tried, but not yet
Amnesty proposal aims for free, 'national debate' ­ PM Alkatiri

East Timorese to lose refugee status by end of 2002
The journey home to East Timor: Repatriation from West Timor
TNI general bids farewell to refugees

July 15-21

East Timor calls for debt write off for poor states
UK to release Balibo Five papers
Dili-dallying over language
Indonesian military offer to train Dili's officers - UN mission
Government told to disburse foreign aid for refugees
Probe into Dutch journalist's murder still open, policeman says

Senator Leahy's opening statement to Appropriations Committee, July 18, 2002
Key U.S. Senate Committee Renews Military Aid To Indonesia
Resumption of IMET boosts RI-U.S. military relations
U.S. Senate panel votes to aid Indonesia's military
Renewed Military Aid for Indonesia Faces Key Test 
No reason for U.S. to coddle Indonesia's army (Editorials)

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (July)
East Timorese militia leader Eurico 
Former East Timorese militia leader Eurico Guterres brushes his hair during the start of his trial in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, June 27, 2002. AP Photo  

Minimum sentence demanded for former East Timor police chief
Witness: Indonesian Soldiers Participated In Timor Raid
Former East Timor army chief accused of post-referendum rights abuses

Indonesian prosecutors could drop charges against E Timor accused
Timor Ex-Police Chief: Not Solely Responsible For Violence
Former East Timor governor says rights trial bogus
Investigations without conviction

TNI formed East Timor militias: Eyewitness
Light sentence proposed for defendants in Suai massacre
Survivor says soldiers, police fired shots at refugee-filled Timor church
Trial of former E. Timor military commander opens
Indonesia Ex-Army Chief In E Timor On Trial For Rts Abuse

Minimum jail term sought for ex-gov Abilio
Video-link plan ruled out in East Timor human rights trial
Former minister says Timor post-ballot violence not expected
Judge warns army defendant to tell truth about Timor massacre
General faces 10 years in prison

Ex-E. Timor Governor Denies Role in Pro-Jakarta Violence
Last E. Timor cases to be tried 
Indonesian activists warn rights trial may ruin judiciary's image
Indonesian Timor Massacre Prosecutors 'Failing"
East Timor militia leader faces Indonesian court over abuses
'Soldiers joined in attacks on E. Timorese refugees'
Indon troops disguised as militiamen joined in E. Timor attack

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Women Worldwide Call For an International Tribunal For East Timor: Officials, Scholars And Activists Say Justice For Crimes Against Timorese Women Needed
ETAN: 10 Reasons Why Indonesian CourtsWill Not Bring Justice to E Timor
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments

Read updates at JSMP/IPJET website 
Inside Story- The Tarnished Brass of Timor
International Crisis Group: The Implications of the Timor Trials
Masters of Terror: The most complete set of profiles available so far of the keysuspects in the 1999 destruction of East Timor

Timor Lays Claim To Australian Oil Field
Talks begin with Canberra on Greater Sunrise gas field
Timor leaves a gap in marine demands

Truth and reconciliation commission holds amnesty seminar
Gusmao approves budget, but laments lack of 'healthy' debate

E Timorese Soldiers to be repatriated
East Timor Courts Its Old Captor To Build A New State

July 7 - 14
Statement from Dili on U.S. Independence Day
US Embassy action sparks controversy from Manuel Carrascalao

RI, Japan at odds over West Timor aid
UNHCR expects 25,000 more E. Timorese to return home

East Timor Statement to the Tenth PrepCom for the Int'l Criminal Court
Ramos Horta critical of US peacekeeping pull out
US Yanks 3 Out of East Timor in Anti-Int'l Criminal Court Fight 
Statement by ET & Asian NGOs at workshop on Int'l Criminal Court

East Timor seeks 'least developed' status
Gusmao calls for committee to ready, encourage foreign investment
East Timor and China

Dili aims to claim full maritime boundaries in Timor Sea
Timor sets sea boundaries Ignoring Australia's Claim (ABC)
Gusmao does not back independence in Aceh and Irian Jaya
Dutch to reveal probe on Thoenes Murder
Low HIV rate could easily escalate, warns health minister
Feared former militia boss visits E. Timor to discuss exile return

Indonesia military regains ground
Interview with E. Timor's Prime Minister Alkatiri

East Timor Press Review Friday 12 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Thursday 11 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Tuesday 9 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Monday 8 July 2002

Xanana Visits Jakarta
E Timor President Xanana Gusmao with Indonesia's President Mgeawatti in Jakarta  
East Timor's President Xanana Gusmao, left, chats with Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri before the start of a joint press conference at the presidential palace in Jakarta Tuesday, July 2, 2002.  (AP Photo/Muchtar Zakaria)  

Radio Netherlands- East Timor- Forget Compensation
President Gusmao received by Indonesian parliament 

Jakarta Gives Gusmao Red Carpet Welcome
For Indonesia, E. Timor's Independence Still Hard To Accept 

Gusmao visit to 'open doors' to Indonesia, says FM Ramos Horta

Gusmao commemorates Indonesian dead

July 1 - 6
Rural East Timor- independent but poverty-stricken 
RI should forget assets and help E. Timor 
PPI chief to consult Dili over repatriation 
East Timor tottering after first few steps 

East Timor sliding towards AIDS disaster- Minister 
Dili's first ambassador abroad presents her credentials in Lisbon
Tough Going For E. Timor On Sea Boundary, Oil and Gas 
Books- East Timor- How Rule Of Terror Failed
First Serious crimes sentence served

Bishop Belo: A Pastoral Appeal - On Amnesty and the Settlement of Crimes Against Humanity
Bishop Belo- An Invitation To Tea in Dili
Presbyterian Church resolution in E Timor & Indonesia military reform

East Timorese refugees demand aid to live 
China, East Timor to boost military ties 
1,500 Timorese children still stranded

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 5: July 2002, Timor Oil, Solidarity

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs  http://www.democracynow.org/

Democracy Now! broadcast from East Timor's independence. Listen online or order the video.

Gov't pushes through 5-year program in parliament confidence vote 
Bill proposals should be translated into Tetum, say MPs 
Asian Development Bank set to invest in infrastructures 

East Timor Press Review Friday 5 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Thursday 4 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Wednesday 3 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Tuesday 2 July 2002
East Timor Press Review Monday 1 July 2002

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JSMP: Comments on the draft judicial magistrates law (PDF)
JSMP: Comments to the draft Amnesty legislation (MSWord)
HRW:  East Timor Amnesty Bill Flawed: Perpetrators of War Crimes May Escape Prosecution

WB: E Timor Becomes a Member of the World Bank Group
ADB: E Timor Becomes ADB's 61st Member

SBS: East Timor - Justice Denied? new documentary by Max Stahl
Inside Indonesia: East Timor special issue
2003 United States-East Timor Scholarship Program Competition

Parliament of Australia, Dept. of the Parliamentary Library Research Note: The Timor Sea Treaty: Are the Issues Resolved?

BBC: Jose Ramos-Horta answers questions on line
ABC: East Timor - The Birth of a Nation (web site linked to documentaries: Rosa's Story and Lu Olo's Story)*

International Solidarity for East Timor: A Weapon More Powerful Than Guns
ICG: Resuming U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties
Foreign Policy in Focus Special Report: U.S. Foreign Military Training: Global Reach, Global Power, and Oversight Issues

Kissinger Watch
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August & late July
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