Subject: East Timor Press Review 5 November 2002

East Timor Press Review

5 November 2002

· Primer Minister Mari Alkatiri stressed that the commission send by the government to Uatu-Lari sub-district of Viqueque district, will investigate the people or groups stealing animals in that area. Speaking to journalists at Hotel Timor, Mr. Alkatiri said this problem has been dragging on for past years and “ the government has decided to give specific attention to this case in order to resolve the problem”, reports Suara Timor Lorosae.

· A team composed of university students from Uatu-Lari is also investigating the case noting that it is not a matter of stealing animals but political problems arising since 1975 until 1980. It is reported that the majority of former pro-Indonesia residents used to steal from the pro-independence residents. And now that the country is independent the pro-independent residents are taking their animals back.

· President Xanana Gusmão requested the population of Timor-Leste to stop the violence against returning Timorese refugees. Mr. Gusmão said the violence of 1959, 1975 and 1999 caused many Timorese taking refuges in West Timor, which has been creating a burden to residents of that country.

· It is reported that hundreds of former pro-integration militia members under João Tavares would like to return to Timor-Leste providing that President Gusmão guarantees their security from West Timor to their villages.

· The Rector of Dili Institute of Technology, João Cancio Freitas informed that his institution signed an agreement of cooperation with Victoria University in Melbourne in areas of increased education professionalism for Timor-Leste, reported STL.

· TLPS office in Liquiça was confronted with angried former Falintil and clandestine members for misinformation about recruitment of police officers. It is reported that information was passed to residents in that district that those wishing to apply to become police officer should go and collect application forms in the police office. Apparently they were told that only 6 more officers are needed.

· Attorney General, Longuinhos Monteiro said Timor-Leste officially became 180th member of the International Police (Interpol). The admission ceremony was signed on 20 October in Cameroon by the Attorney General himself as the country’s official representative.

· Executive Director of the National Center of Scientific Investigation (CNIC), Helder da Costa said that the 20% tax in Timor-Leste is very high. The government must first study the country’s export and import then decides on tax to be charged.

· STL reported that the Police services in Ainaro district was transferred from UN Police to Timor-Leste Police Services last Saturday.

· Timor Post’s front page reported on the meeting between former pro-integration leader, João Tavares and President Xanana Gusmão last Sunday night in Intan Hotel, in Atambua, Indonesia for about three-hours in which they discussed about the future of Timorese refugees and the reconciliation process.

· It is reported that during a meeting in Kristal Hotel in Atambua, many refugees informed President Gusmão that they really want to return to Timor-Leste but are scare because according to information they received, many refugees have been killed and subjected to intimidation and terror by local Timorese. They appealed to the President to guarantee them security upon their return.

· In an interview with Timor Post President of Partido Social Democrat (PSD), Mario Viegas Carrascalão stressed that UN came to help established the democratic foundation and not to fulfill the political ambitions of a group. He said, “independence was not given by UN but a result of the struggle of the Timorese people through the 30 August 1999 referendum.”

· Timor Post reported that UNMISET and UNDP held a workshop with a theme “Result-Oriented Workshop on Roles and Functions of the International Advisers” It is reported that SRSG Kamalesh Sharma spoke at the opening of the workshop held in Hotel Timor yesterday.

· Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri has assured that there will not be more power cuts by Christmas.

· Timor Post reported that last Thursday Primer Minister Alkatiri and President Xanana Gusmão held a meeting in the President’s office to discuss various issues, specifically on the country’s own currency.

· Five members of the National Parliament are scheduled to visit Japan at the end of November. The group will consist of 3 members from Fretilin, 1 for Partido Democratico and 1 from União Democratica Timorense (UDT). The visit to Japan is to carry out a comparative study and meet Japanese government officials and above all to visit Japan’s National Parliament, reported Timor Post.

· UN Police Commissioner, Peter Miller stated that the TLPS cannot recruit former Falintil members to the force because the police services are now full.

· Timor Post reported two Timorese economists: Helder da Costa, and Dr. Lucas da Costa as saying in separates interviews that the discussion between President Gusmão and Prime Minister Alkatiri on Timor-Leste’s own currency is a good initiative.

· Minister of Finance Maria Madalena Boavida informed that the government will soon set up a commission to control government cars in order to make sure they are used by staff for work and not for private purposes.

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