Subject: AUSGOV: Jt Standing Comm on Treaties report available soon

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Committee activities (inquiries and reports) Report 49 The Timor Sea Treaty

On Monday 11 November 2002, the Treaties Committee tabled its report on the review of the Timor Sea Treaty Report 49.

An electronic copy of the individual chapters is provided in PDF. An electronic copy of the entire report will be available tomorrow.

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Committee activities (inquiries and reports) Review of Timor Seas Treaties A watching brief

The Treaties Committee is empowered by its resolution of appointment to inquire into and report on 'matters arising from treaties and related National Interest Analysis and proposed treaty actions presented or deemed to be presented to the Parliament.'

As nearly all treaty actions proposed by the Australian Government are tabled in Parliament, this type of review activity accounts for much of the Committee's work.

The Committee is currently reviewing the Timor Seas Treaties tabled on 25 June 2002 and invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions on the purpose or content of any of these treaty actions by Wednesday 31 July 2002. In order to facilitate electronic publishing of submissions, the committee would prefer them to be emailed or sent on disk to the secretariat, if possible.

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