Subject: Lusa: Xanana meets militia chiefs in Bali

President meets ex-Timorese integrationalist militia chiefs in Bali

13-11-2002 18:45:00 GMT 16:45:00 Hora local. Notícia 4335253 Temas:

Dili, Nov 13 (Lusa) - President Xanana Gusmao met three former pro- Indonesian militia leaders Wednesday, who had been unable to speak to the Timorese leader earlier this month when he made an official visit to Indonesian West Timor.

Mateus Maia (former mayor of Dili), Francisco Osorio (brother of ex- governor of Timor, Abilio Osorio Soares) and Martins Fernandes met Gusmao in the Indonesian island of Bali. Dili's head of state had not managed to arrange an encounter with the three Timorese on his West Timor trip due to lack of time.

Gusmao was making a stop off in Bali on his return from official visits to Thailand and South Korea. On Thursday, he and Dili's foreign minister, Jose Ramos Horta, will lay a wreath of flowers at the site of the terrorist bombing in Bali.

A Portuguese peacekeeping paratrooper serving in Timor, Diogo Ribeirinho, is believed to have died in the blast, although his remains have still not been identified. The soldier was among a group of UN peacekeepers enjoying leave in Bali at the time of the bombing.

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