Subject: East Timor Press Review, 25 November 2002

East Timor Press Review Dili, 25 November 2002

Plane forced to return to Dili for carrying a suspect on board On Thursday, an Indonesian airplane of Merpati airlines was forced to return to Dili by the Timorese authorities soon after departing. The order was given after the authorities decided to detain a passenger. STL reported that the orders were initially requested as the plane was still in the tarmac but maibe ‘it was misunderstood’ or ‘ignored’ by the pilot of the flight. In related story, Timor Post reported that UN Police detained a Cameroon nationalist last Thursday at Dili airport for allegedly fabricating false money. The suspect was arrested while waiting to board a plane to Indonesia. According to the court, the suspect together with a Timorese, worked on the falsification of the money in the country. The suspects have been identified as belonging to a group codename 419, which has been working in conjunction with a Nigerian group. Another person from Cameroon was also detained on 18 November in relation to this matter. (TP 23/11)

Six people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and 1 passed away Minister of Health, Dr. Rui Araújo informed that three people have been diagnosed as HIV positive and three with Aids in Dili. One person passed away. Dr. Araújo observed that the best way to prevent AIDS is to refrain from practice sex and married couples should avoid sexual relationship outside their marriage. (STL 23/11)

Campaign to establish Provedor office in Ermera District Last Friday various organizations including chief of village and sub-villages conducted a human rights and justice campaign in Ermera District with the aim of establishing a provedor office. (STL 23/11)

Foreign Minister must provide facts Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Ramos-Horta must provide facts based on his accusation about the local newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae, said General Prosecutor, Longuinhos Monteiro. Other individuals like the lecturer of Continental Universe (UNICON), Aderito Tilman, were of the same opinion as the General Prosecutor. Monteiro said even the serious crimes unit up until now has no data regarding STL’s being a militia media or sponsored by Kopassus and BAIAS (Indonesian Intelligence group). (STL 23/11)

Timorese suspended by Timor Gap authority management Three Timorese employee working for the administrative office of Timor Sea have been suspended of their duties, accused of violating internal regulations of privacy and confidentiality. Antonio Sousa, Orlando Xavier and Vicente Lacerda were suspended on 14 November from their duties in the ‘Timor Gap Conjunction Authority’ for an indefinite period when they complained to a senior staff about low wages, comparing to other Australian workers with lesser experiences. The three retrieved a list of salaries of all workers from a computer. (STL 23/11)

Drought is not only affecting Covalima District The long dry season is not only affecting Covalima District but also other districts like Bobonaro. STL reported that residents of that area had ploughed their lands back in August awaiting the October rain for cultivation. Now they do not have food contrary to the refugees who have just returned from West Timor, who bring sacks of corn with them. (STL 23/11)

Residents of Quinamoko are facing food shortages Residents of Lospalos have been facing problems with the long dry season. The most affected are those people from the sub-villages, who have already claimed food shortages. Lautém District Administrator, Olavio da Costa has sent a team to do a survey on five sub-districts regarding this matter, which will be forwarded to Minister of Internal Administration. (STL 25/11)

Police maintains patrol in Wailili village Timor-Leste Police together with UN Police will maintain patrolling the areas of Wailili, where the incident took place last week. Police Commissioner Paulo Martins told Timor Post he sent a team of the Rapid Response Unit to the area to work together with the rest of the police. Martins said, this type of incident occurs [blocked roads and robbed vehicles] constantly in Gariway. (TP 23/11)

Judges willing to carry on their duties Dili District judges have stated that they are willing to carry on their duties despite being accused of lacking experiences. The public defender and lawmaker from this institute said this is the best way to contribute for this country contrary to comments made by the government official that Timorese judges now lack experience. (STL 25/11)

37 international doctors arrived in Dili 37 international doctors have arrived in Timor-Leste to provide assistance to the local doctors. The doctors have been divided in two groups. The first one is composed of 15 specialists and the second by 22 general practitioners. (STL25/11)

Oxygen has not been delivered to Dili hospital for the past 2 weeks Dili hospital has not received oxygen supply for the last 2 weeks because the health department has not paid its bills. Doctors have refused to perform any surgery operations for not having oxygen available, said Julio Soares, Dili Hospital Coordinator.(STL 25/11)

Accusations should not be made without proof President of Social Democratic Party, Mario Carrascalão stated that anyone making any accusations without proof should be taken to court to provide evidence. Carrascalão said those who accused has to the right to appear in a court because otherwise they can use their position privileges to accuse and speak the way they want to [referring to Ramos-Horta’s accusations about STL]. “ For example, If I was from STL I would take the matter to the court. If no concrete evidence is provided I would ask for compensation to further better the newspaper. If proof correct than the newspapers should be punish for cooperating with other country which ours constitution does not allow,’ said Mario Carrascalão. (STL 25/11)

Government must ratify Timor-Leste’s budget Member of Parliament, Manuel Tilman (KOTA) said the government must ratify the funds allocated to the country by various nations. “ I support the idea that funds donated to Timor-Leste by many countries should be used to the development of schools and health which are very important. The new country needs smart and healthy people to carry it forward,” said Tilman.(STL 25/11)

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