Subject: East Timor Press Review 2 October 2002

East Timor Press Review

2 October 2002

Suara Timor Lorosae reported that President Xanana Gusmao would visit West Timor on 20 October. He is expected to directly observe the process of repatriation as well as appealing to East Timorese refugees to return home.

The public defenders team of the accused General, Adam Damiri in 1999 on crimes committed in East Timor, asked UN Secretary General Koffi Anan to be present as witness at Jakarta Ad-hoc trial.

East Timor's embassy to UN was officially opened in New York yesterday. Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olimpio Branco said that the newly appointed East Timor Ambassador to UN and US, Jose Luis Guterres would soon work at the embassy.

President of Parliament Francisco "Lu-Olo" Guterres said, "The Commission of Reception, Truth and Reconciliation should have been founded by the Parliament and it should report its activities to the Parliament annually.". It is reported that so far the Commission has not presented its activities reports to the Parliament.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer congratulated East Timor on becoming a member of UN formally on 27 September.

Commission A of National Parliament said that anyone whose spouse is a foreigner would lose his or her nationality if they divorce.

Nine Filipinos workers were forced to return to their country for not reporting to the Immigration office after two-month stay in East Timor.

Director of East Timor Electricity, Virgilio Guterres said that during the year 2000-2002, 31 electricity centers were built with aid from Portugal Japan, and Asian Development Bank. The centers are located in each district capital and 30 sub-districts.

East Timor NGO umbrella organization, NGO Forum, yesterday organized a meeting on illegal immigration. Thirteen participants from various local NGOs attended the meeting.

Carlos Tilman of Department of Health said that due to the unpredictable change of weather during this year, various seasonal diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, ISPA have been spread throughout the country. ISPA has been reportedly the main one. Mr. Tilman also said the real data of HIV/AIDS patients in East Timor is 0,64 percent. The numbers, he said, include foreigners as well.

General Coordinator of Public Defender, Sergio de Jesus Hornai has been reportedly concerned with the absence of judges at Court of Appeal because are delaying trial cases.

Australian Ambassador to East Timor, Paul Foley was quoted as saying that his government continues its commitment to assist East Timor in the agriculture sector development.

Minister of Telecommunication and Transportation, Ovidio de Jesus Amaral said that early March 2003, telecommunication system throughout the districts will start to function.

Department of Telecommunications and Transportation, and the Department of Public Works will soon sign an MOU with the West Timor-based Catholic University, Widya Mandiri. The MOU will focus on the provision of rules, references as well as specific product mostly needed in the work of the Public Work Department.

Timor Post reported that East Timor Ambassador to UN, Jose Luis Guterres presented his credential to the UN Secretary General, Koffi Anan yesterday.

Hotel Timor manager Tiago Barata denied rumors that his hotel provides "sex workers" for visitors.

Baucau ETPS Commander, Pedro Belo denied allegation of collision, corruption and nepotism in the police recruitment.

It is reported that two members of an independent evaluation team of UN are currently conducting an evaluation on UNTAET's work in Bobonaro district.

Director of Bobonaro District Health Department is upset about the fact that some UNTAET staff members had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS prior to their arrival in East Timor.

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