Subject: East Timor Press Review, 14 October 2002

East Timor Press Review

Dili, 14 October 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae front page carried a photo of the victims of the bomb explosion in Bali, Indonesia.

· It is reported that Foreign Affairs Minister, José Ramos-Horta left for Thailand yesterday to prepare the visit of President Xanana Gusmão to that country scheduled for November.

· MP Jacob Fernandes of Fretilin party was quoted as saying that East Timor government should be careful in discussing about Indonesian assets, due to its complexities.

· MP Cipriana Pereira of Fretilin party said that due to pressure from certain groups, the law on the immobile properties should be approved as soon as possible.

· Foreign Affairs Minister, José Ramos-Horta was quoted, as saying that in 2004, UN Peacekeeping Force will cease its duties in the border between East Timor and Indonesia because the mission ends.

· MP Vicente Faria of Commission A of the Parliament said that certain criteria must be met in order to establish a university.

· Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus has assured that prior to Christmas, the electricity service will run without power cuts interruptions, reported STL.

· Rector of University of Dili, Lucas da Costa noted that it is normal to honor Foreign Affairs Minister, José Ramos Horta with the title of Professor of Emeritus because Mr.Ramos Horta has fulfilled in collecting enough credit points to obtain such honor.

· STL quoted President of National Parliament, Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres as saying that Foreign Minister, Ramos Horta deserves to be honored with the Professor of Emeritus degree because he has also been a fighter of the nation.

· It is reported that most of serious crimes cases have been put on hold for the last month and half due to the absence of judges and time required by the public defenders to prepare their client cases.

· Head of Dili District Court, Aderito Tilman was quoted as saying that he personally supported the recent action conducted by the Association of East Timor lawyers because it was a peaceful one.

· World Bank mission in East Timor is to tackle poverty with professionalism and patience, STL quoted Elizabeth Huigens, Representative of World Bank in East Timor as saying.

· East Timor needs to learn the good and bad experiences from Mozambique, STL quoted Primer Minister Alkatiri as saying.

· Timor Post’s front page reported on the death toll of 181 people in the bomb explosion in Bali, Indonesia.

· TP quoted Bishop Basilio Nascimento of Baucau Diocese as saying during his homily in a mass in Aitara, Soibada sub-district, Manatuto district on 13 October, that independence is not only the product of diplomatic, clandestine and armed resistance but also the fact that East Timorese have a deep faith in God.

· Foreign Minister José Ramos-Horta said that East Timorese and the international community like Xanana Gusmão to continue as President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

· MP Antonio Ximenes of Christian Democratic Party, PDC was quoted as saying that his party will have a new secretary general replacing Arlindo Marçal, who will soon take post as East Timor ambassador to Indonesia.

· TP quoted MP Cipriana Pereira of Fretilin party as saying that the problems of electricity power and clean water are national ones.

· Lucas da Costa, the Rector of Dili University said that Foreign Minister Ramos-Horta’s honor as Professor of Emeritus is due to his many achievements.

· In a separate article, President of National Parliament, Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres was quoted as saying that Foreign Minister Ramos-Horta deserves the honor due to his work worldwide in defending the rights of East Timorese for independence during the past 24 years.

· MP Mariano Sabino Lopes of Democratic Party, PD said there has not been any regulation in place to determine which university is classified as the State University.

· MP Vicente Faria of Fretilin party was quoted as saying that the recent founded University of Same, Manufahi district has not fulfilled the criteria to be an academic institution.

· It is reported Colimau Group 2000 continues to carry out its activities in Leimea Karaik village, Hatolia sub-district, and Ermera district.

· Children in Ermera district are reporting to have suffered from diarrhea during the month of September and October.

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