Subject: LUSA: Angola 'totally available' to aid in reconstruction - dos Santos

Also: East Timorese premier urged to intervene in Cabinda conflict

16-10-2002 12:31:00. Notícia nº 4227653

East Timor: Angola 'totally available' to aid in reconstruction - dos Santos

East Timorese and Angolan government delegations held a first round of cooperation talks in Luanda Tuesday with the two countries' leaders forecasting bolstered relations.

Before the talks, Dili's visiting prime minister, Mari Alkatiri, said Angola had "never wavered nor hesitated" in its support for the Timorese in their quarter-century struggle against Indonesian domination.

Alkatiri, who was beginning a five-day visit to Angola, said he was convinced "peace has come to stay" in the African nation and that he felt "happy" to find Angola "politically stable" and with "democracy growing".

For his part, Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos said Luanda, despite its post-war "difficulties", was "totally available" to aid Dili in its "great challenge" of reconstruction.

Angola, he added, was "open to developing multifaceted and mutually beneficial cooperation in a spirit of friendship and solidarity".

Bilateral accords for cooperation in the oil sector are expected to highlight Alkatiri's visit, his second to a Portuguese-speaking African country after Mozambique last week.

SAS/MSO -Lusa-

Angola: East Timorese premier urged to intervene in Cabinda conflict

Radio France Internationale, Paris, in Portuguese 1700 gmt 15 Oct 02

Text of report by Radio France Internationale on 15 October

The Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda Enclave-Cabinda Armed Forces FLEC-FAC has condemned the international community for being indifferent to the situation in Cabinda. FLEC-FAC has asked East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, currently on a visit to Angola, to impress upon Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos the need to address the situation.

Liberal Nuno, a FLEC-FAC foreign representative, says his organization would be willing to declare a unilateral cease-fire provided that an international institution agrees to monitor its implementation. Nuno says the Angolan government intends to attack the FLEC-FAC General Staff and kill its leaders, as it did with Jonas Savimbi.

Nuno Everything suggests that the government has mounted a two-pronged offensive against Buco Cango with the intention of reaching the FLEC-FAC General Staff. General Jose Luis Mendes is in command of the entire operation. Violent clashes are taking place in Buco Zau.

We are very worried about the indifference displayed by the international community, including the Western powers, about the genocide taking place in Cabinda. As the government forces enter villages and suffer setbacks, they take revenge on civilians. What the Angolan government is doing right now is nothing but state terrorism. The international community has legitimized this state of affairs merely because of Cabinda's oil.

that it wants a peaceful and negotiated settlement of the dispute. Behind this, is the government's euphoria for having scored a military victory that resulted in the assassination of Dr Savimbi. The government feels that it can adopt the same type of strategy in Cabinda, but it will not succeed.

We understand that East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri is still in Luanda. While living in exile in Portugal, Mr Alkatiri stated that Cabinda was Lusophone Africa's East Timor. In line with its appeals to international organizations involved with the question of Cabinda, FLEC-FAC would like to urge the Maubere people, through Prime Minister Alkatiri, to show solidarity with the people of Cabinda. Specifically, we would like Prime Minister Alkatiri to impress upon Mr Jose Eduardo dos Santos the need to talk to the representatives of the people of Cabinda.

We are ready to declare a unilateral cease-fire. An international institution would see to it that the cease-fire is strictly adhered to. The government should stop the war at once so that we may create an atmosphere conducive to negotiations among civilized brothers.

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