Subject: East Timor Press Review 17 October 2002

East Timor Press Review 17 October 2002

Suara Timor Lorosae front page quoted Timor-Leste Police Service Commissioner, Paulo Martins as saying that in anticipating the terrorist operation, the national police and UNPol will continue to work together in maintaining security in the country.

It is reported that Sergeant Marco Antonio Faria, a PKF solider from Brazil was killed in the recent bomb explosion in Bali.

FDTL Chief of Staff, Coronel Lere Anan Timur said the Bali tragedy is a lesson for Timor-Leste as a new independent country, reported STL. “To anticipate such thing, all components of this nation need to pay attention to internal and national security matters. And there is a need to make laws on this question,” he added.

Vice Minister of Transport, Telecommunication and Public Work, Cesar Vital Morreira was quoted as saying that the Department of Internal Administration must be transparent in determining the recruitment period and a training timeframe.

The Director of Batu Penjuru Cipinang Foundation A.S. Maringka has invited President Gusmão, to celebrate Christmas in the Jakarta-based prison of Cipinang where he was detained as political prisoner reported STL.

It is reported that Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Ramos-Horta asked Thailand assistance to facilitate Timor Leste membership into ASEAN.

Around 20 students of Timor Leste National University have been granted scholarships by UNDP, STL reported.

Director of Water and Sanitation, Joao P. Jeronimo said that from October to December, the capital city, Dili would face problems of providing clean water.

Respiratory diseases is listed as number one problem in Timor-Leste comparing to other diseases, STL quoted Carlos Tilman, Director of Health Service Department as saying.

Head of Administration for the Court of Appeal, Jose Gomes was quoted as saying that due to the availability of one judge only at the court, cases of appeal are not being processed.

It is reported that two local and international judges are currently in charge of the serious crime cases.

Manatuto District Administrator, Mateus Ximenes Belo said that it is necessary to clearly identify the immobile properties belonging to the state and private citizens in the Draft Bill on Immobile Properties in order to avoid problems.

STL quoted MP Maria Paixão Costa (PSD) acting as the Head Economy and Development Commission C as saying that it is necessary for members of Parliament to decide on changes for the draft bill on land and property because there has been a lot of input from the society.

Timor Post quoted Minister of Transport, Telecommunication and Public Works as saying that the Government will provide US$ 5 million to provide clean running water for the country.

The Head of Bairo Pité Clinic, in Dili, Dr. Daniel Murphy said his clinic diagnosed a girl under the age of 15 with HIV/AIDS.

In a separate article, Mr. Murphy was quoted as saying that Australian Government will send two heart specialist doctors to Timor-Leste.

Filomeno Reis, President of Lisbon-based Center of Timorese Students was quoted as saying that his organization, founded on 27 June 2002, aims to assist students currently studying in Portugal, TP reported.

Head of Dili District Court said the recruitment of international judges is under the Government control.

Director of Timor-Leste Civilian Security, David Dias Ximenes said that, in order to anticipate the terrorist attacks similar to Bali’s, he will increase security for the Government’s equipment and buildings.

It is reported that around 50 taxi drivers yesterday demonstrated in front of President’s Office complaining over the increase of petrol price and the operation of illegal taxis in Dili.

TP quoted Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Armindo Maia as appealing to students currently studying in Portugal not to return to Timor-Leste without any skills.

Manatuto District Administrator, Mateus Belo said that, comparing to residents of other districts, Manatuto residents awareness are higher in not occupying public buildings illegally, reported TP.

MP Lucia da Costa of Fretilin party was quoted as saying that many Oecussi residents in rural areas have abandoned their villages and settled in public houses in the cities. Meanwhile, she said, they have received assistance from the Government with housing materials to rebuild their houses in the villages.

Thailand will make an effort in assisting Timor-Leste as an observer in ASEAN prior to its full membership, TP quoted Foreign Minister José Ramos-Horta as saying.

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