Subject: East Timor Press Review 24 October 2002

East Timor Press Review 24 October 2002

· Upon his arrival in Dili yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Ramos Horta told journalists that his visit to Australia and Thailand was to seek continuing assistance for Timor-Leste. Mr. Horta added that his visit to Thailand was also to prepare President Gusmão visit to that country between 6-9 November reported Suara Timor Lorosae in its front page.

· Australia Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane on Friday stated in Canberra that the Australian Government is working on the Timor Seas Agreement to ensure it is signed by December.

· Addressing the Parliament yesterday, President Xanana Gusmão presented his views again to Members of Parliament about the reconciliation process, justice and amnesty. Mr. Gusmão said, “ I and the Parliament as institutions, can take this process forward much better.” The President added, “ (as) an obligation I have to come to the Parliament to inform you about my visit to West Timor, together with the National Parliament President to discuss about the reconciliation process in order to strengthen relations between, Indonesia and Timor-Leste. President Gusmão reminded members of Parliament that reconciliation is not something new and they shouldn’t be surprised about it reported STL.

· It is reported that the seat left by Member of Parliament Rosalia Corte-Real (Fretilin Party) is still vacant. Ms. Corte-Real is now the Vice-Minister for Education, Sport, Culture and Youth.

· STL reported on a press conference organized by UNDP in which SRSG, Kamalesh Sharma, and UNDP Resident Coordinator, Sukehiro Hasegawa and Minister of Internal Affairs, Rogerio Lobato attended. It was announced that 19,200 former Indonesian civil servants would get payment from a special fund established by UDNP. During the conference Minister Internal Affairs Rogerio Lobato stressed that only formers Indonesia civil servants will be paid by UNITED NATION.

· It is reported that Timor-Leste Police will conduct an operation to stop illegal cars and motorbikes in the country.

· Around 18 nursed in Bairro Pité clinic called a strike on Tuesday for not getting paid for the past 2 months reported STL.

· Cancio Xavier, one of the judges in Dili District Court said there are 35 pending serious crime cases due to shortage of judges. There are currently 3 international and 1 Timorese judge working on these cases.

· In a separate article it is also reported that Dili District Court received 322 cases in the past 3 months. The court cases have been slow due to shortage of judges.

· Timor Post front reported that former Indonesian civil servants will get paid between US$50 to US$300 dollars as of 4th of November. The payment will be based on the number of years that beneficiaries have worked for the Indonesian government. United Nations under UNDP will manage the fund. It has been approved by SRSG and Timor-Leste Government in its “Point of Understanding.”

· Timor Post front page also reported on President Gusmão address to the National Parliament yesterday.

· It is reported that the European Union donation of US$ 10.000.000 will be to rehabilitate the Regional National Hospital. World Bank will administrate the fund. Member of Parliament, Antonio Ximenes, gave this information to Timor Post yesterday.

· UN Day events were reported today through information received last nigh writes Timor Post.

· Timor Post reported that the National Parliament would have an audience tomorrow with representatives of Timor-Leste Judges Association to listen to their concerns. The parliamentarians made the decision on Tuesday through voting procedures.

· Aderito Tilman chairman of Dili Court stressed that Timor-Leste has the right to recruit International judges but only for to deal with serious crime cases. Any other cases will be under the Timorese judge’s reports Timor Post.

· Secretary State for Investment, Tourism and Environment Dr. Jose Teixeira stressed that the government is now focusing on the development program specially Environment, because this sector is very important for the country’s process. Mr. Teixeira said if this sector becomes better then it would encourage the development of other sectors.

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