Subject: RA: Report warns expats will be terror targets in East Timor

Report warns expats will be terror targets in East Timor

A leaked Portugese army intelligence report has warned of possible terrorist attacks against Australian, Portugese and American interests in East Timor by Jemaah Islamiah.

The report dated October 25 warns terrorists armed with plastic explosives smuggled in from Indonesian West Timor could target popular bars, hotels and cafes popular with expatriates living in Dili within the next seven months.

Our Indonesia correspondent Mark Dodd says two suspects have been named: a former Indonesian soldier and a Pakistani national both with links to the militant Indonesian cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir.

The report warns tight security around the Australian and US embassies has led to alternative targets being selected including Portugal's BNU bank and the ANZ both in Dili.

East Timor's foreign minister Jose Ramos Horta says the threat is credible and extra security precautions are in force.

"In Timor we only have few hundred Indonesians, so easier to detect anyone outside the country who might attempt to infiltrate and carry out these acts."

Mr Ramos Horta says he takes the threat seriously following the Bali bombing.

Australia upgrades travel warning for East Timor

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs has just upgraded its travel warning for East Timor, following information about potential new threats to Australian interests there.

The department says new information has been received since it upgraded security warnings last month when Australia's embassy in East Timor was closed for a short period.

Australia has also upgraded its travel warning for Australians visiting Libya, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

30/10/2002 22:47:50 | ABC Radio Australia News

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