Subject: East Timor Press Review 28 October 2002

East Timor Press Review

28 October 2002

· Timor Post’s Saturday edition reported National Parliament President Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres appealing to all Timorese to respect law and order. He said the police force must be respected. Mr. Guterres made the appeal last Friday at a meeting between various martial arts groups of Timor-Leste. President Gusmão, Head of UNMISET, Kamalesh Sharma were also present at the meeting.

· Timor-Leste Youth Coordinator, “L-4” stated that the government must resolve the problem occurring in Timor-Leste, because up-to-date many issues have left unresolved. One example given by “L4” was a problem between Falintil members in Ailelu which one group of Falintil fled the acantonment with guns.

In a separate article, member of the National Parliament Leandro Isac (PSD) said he disagreed with the ‘national dialogue because government representatives and people from different communities did not participate’. Mr. Isac also said that such dialogue would raise many other issues faced by the people in the country. Responding to these concerns, President Gusmão informed that the initiative for a dialogue was put forwarded by “L4” in order to stop the raising of further conflicts.

· TLPS Commissioner, Paulo Martins said the recruitment of new officers will be based on general international standard. Those who cannot read and write will not be recruited.

· Timor Post (Monday) front-page headline reads: PM Alkatiri: UNTAET created confusion in Timor-Leste’s justice sector. TP and Radio Timor Leste journalist had an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister upon his arrival on Sunday at Dili Airport in which he stated that his visit overseas was positive. The visit to Portugal was not an official but a working one. The Minister said it was positive because Portugal will send advisors and technical support for the national radio and television. Mr. Alkatiri did not say much about Bishop Belo’s comments on leaders travelling too much overseas and not paying attention to the need of the people. Asked whether the Minister managed to get assistance for improvement in the justice sector he replied, “UNTAET created confusion. They brought various law systems and mix it all up here. (Then the law that we are now using no one knows about it. Each one of them brought laws from their countries. They made the people more confused and created lots of headaches. In justice sector, UNTAET created confusion. You can write and anounce it on the Radio that I, Mari Alkatiri said, UNTAET created confusion in Timor-Leste’s justice sector.”

· In a separate article, PM Alkatiri said, “ Whoever is in Timor-Leste government must have great tolerance.” Informing about his visit to Portugal, Mr. Alkatiri said Portugal would provide assistant for Timor-Leste to create its own central bank. During his visit he met with Radio and Portuguese Television (RTP) representatives who have said to provide technical and equipment assistant to the future national TV and Radio. Mr. Alkatiri said the government and the parliament must work on the establishment of a media law in order to have more professionalism in this area in the country. The Prime Minister said it has not been easy governing the country because Timor-Leste scratched from zero. He said in the last two years many laws established by UNTAET are no longer valid. The parliament has to draw up new codes for different areas.

· Also referring to his visit overseas with the Prime Minister, Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak stressed that many countries have shown interest in supporting Timor-Leste’s Defense Force to take over the security by June 2004. The Brigadier said that first they need to devise what can be done and then prioritizes the need of the Defense Force.

· FDTL Vice-Chief of Staff, Colonel Lere Anan told Timor Post that he agreed with the dialogue held on Friday between the Timorese youth and President Gusmão.

· UN Police Commissioner, Peter Miller rejects allegations that recruitment of Timorese Police officers during UNTAET period was not transparent. The first recruitment process was done in consultation with the Timorese, said the Commisioner. All candidates had to go through selection process criteria. Only those passing the test are accepted in the police force. Mr. Miller said the same criteria also applies to the Districts.

· Timor Post today reported on the 12th commemoration day of the killing of Sebastião Gomez [by Indonesian troops] at Motael Church. A seminar was held yesterday in his memory in Dili with the theme “Consolidation Between Youth in the Efforts for Timor-Leste’s Independence.” Secretary of State for Electricity and Water, Egidio de Jesus opened the seminar.

· Suara Timor Lorosae reported on Friday dialogue between representatives of 12 martial arts groups and President Gusmão and President of National Assembly, Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterrres. Around 200 residents from different districts also participated in the meeting. UN SRSG, Kamalesh Sharma, Vigary General Dioceses Dili, José Antonio da Costa, Timor-Leste Police Commissioner, Paulo de Fatima Martins, Government representatives [ Government not represented at the meeting] and several local NGO’s members were also present.

· It is reported that an audience between Timor-Leste Judges Association (AATL) and members of Parliament on Friday has been postponed for another date leaving the association members upset and calling the parliamentarians “liars”, reported STL.

· A local NGO called “KARIDADE Health” has been formed by Australian nuns and are supporting the Dili Hospital. They are also providing assistance to the poor. They are planning to extend their services to rural areas.

· It is reported that the National Parliament has already approved 10 laws.

· Several Judges have reportedly agreed with President Gusmão’s idea of not having an international Court in Timor-Leste. Jose da Costa Ximenes, a lawyer at Dili District Court yesterday stated that it is better finding a neutral country for processing the serious crime cases.

· TLPS Commissioner Paulo de Fatima Martins informed that crimes are very high in Timor-Leste. Last month 400 case of general crimes were reported to the police. Mr. Martins said the crimes have been committed due to high unemployment.

· The Head of Malaysia Mission in Timor-Leste, Mr. Mohamad Rameez Yahya told STL that 26 East Timorese Police Officers will travel to Malaysia to receive training.

· Dili Immigration Department is continuing investigation on two Filipinos citizens who entered the country with false passport seeking employment.

· The first team of President Gusmão delegation to Kupang arrived yesterday to prepare the security of the President’s tour of Kupang, West Timor.

· It is reported that a bomb explosion on the illegal market in the border between Indonesia and Timor-Leste left 6 residents of Belu-Kupang, Indonesia wounded. The explosion occurred on Friday. It is unclear whether some Timorese have been injured from the explosion. The type of bomb is unknown. Timor-Leste Police and Indonesian police are investigating the case, reported STL.

· To anticipate terrorism in Timor-Leste, TLPS Commissioner, Paul Martins said first one has to know its purposes, and an updatee accurate data on terrorist’s activities. Mr. Martins said Timor-Leste also needs modern equipment as well as intelligent personeel to be trained in detecting terrorism.

· It is reported that 15 of generators have been donated by Italy Business Strolim to Timor-Leste and is due in sometime next month

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