Subject: East Timor Press Review 11 September, 2002

East Timor Press Review 11 September, 2002

· Timor Post’s front page reported that the president of the National Parliament, Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres stressed for the community to maintain Fretilin in order to rebuild this new country. According to Mr. Guterres, Fretilin’s Central Committee Central already has a plant to develop this country strategically.

· TP reported that the National Parliament sent a letter of condolence to the Portuguese Embassy on the demise of Brigadier General, Paulo Pereira Guerreiro last Sunday.

· A Timorese businessman, Jorge Serrano said that business people are happy with the suggestion by the Prime Minister, for foreign businessman to carry out their businesses here in partnership with locals.

· East Timor’s Police Commissioner, Paulo Fatima Martins announced that there are at least twenty-five prisoners still at large.

· According to the Border Control case, MP Leandro Isac stated that this is the time that the president should intervene. Failing which the tribunal will be effective and will lose the respect from the people and secondly the people will not respect future decisions undertaken by the tribunal. MP, Lucia Lobato (ASDT) stressed that the establishing of an international tribunal in East Timor will not be easy and cheap. Mrs. Lobato said it will also take a long time reported Timor Post

· FRETILIN’s President, Francisco Guterres said the party is celebrating its 28th anniversary with from 6am to 10am when the flag is raised followed by a competition and a cultural performance till afternoon. Mr. Guterres said the even will end with the hoisting of the flag at the end of the day. Franciso Guterres said all the political parties were invited to commemorate this historic day. Guterres said, ‘ASDT was only an association and because Indonesia planned to invade East Timor and it was in this context that ASDT became FRETILIN in order to bring all the people and groups support to fight the invaders.’

· Suara Timor Lorosae’s front page also reported on the protests by East Timorese businesspeople against investments from Japan.

· The head of the Commission Reception of Truth and Reconciliation, Aniceto Guterres, said that the national dialog initiated by President Xanana Gusmão, stressed that various components within the nation will need to work together in order to develop country.

· The paper reported that the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) and New Zealand Agency for International Development Study Award (NZAID) would award 23 scholarships to East Timorese nationals. 20 scholarships are available for study in Australia and 3 for New Zealand with academic terms starting from February 2003.

· Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos-Horta stated that East Timor is still not ready to have its own justice system because it does not have suitably qualified personnel yet.

· The Don Bosco Organization and Indonesian History Body plan to work together to create a suitable model to educate street children.

· The director of East Timor’s Motor Cooperation, Elias Correira Boavida met and presented Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri an electricity project for Iralalaru in Lospalos District. Mr. Boavida stressed that his project was a separate proposal from Abilio de Araujo reported STL.

· It is reported that former leader of the pro-Indonesia group FPDK, Eusebio Lopes and a refugee with the name of Merita Gonçalves of Maliana district have come in and out of East Timor.

· MP José Manuel (FRETILIN) said Minister of Internal Administration, Rogerio Lobato will soon establish the decentralization program in the districts according to the wish of the people.

· Residends of Kmanek vila in Taibessi, Dili are complaining of water shortages. One local resident said she has to go to a friend house to use the water for washing and baths.

· Residents in Dili are complaining that the constant cut of electricity is affecting their work and study. A post office worker said the constant power cuts is delaying the mail and loosing customers. Another person who is attending a month computer course said this problem would lead him to loose the course and the money he paid because the time will be expired soon.

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