Subject: East Timor Press Review 12 September, 2002

East Timor Press Review

12 September, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae’s front page ran a two-story on the first anniversary of 11 September terrorist attack. President Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, Parliament President, Francisco Guterres along with ambassadors and diplomats participated in the 1st commemoration of 11 September tragedy at the US embassy in Dili. In her welcoming speech, Ms.Shari Villarosa said ‘United State is not the only victim of terrorism. Many countries around the world have experience terrorism including East Timor.” Ms. Villarosa also added that US would never forget the sympathy and attention from all people around the world as well as East Timor. Candles were lit in memory of those who passed in the attack.

· In a separate article, Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri stated that East Timor government supports the United Stated to eliminate terrorism. But Mr. Alkatiri stressed that East Timor government would disagree with the United States if terrorism is identified as part of a religion or ethnic group.

· National Parliament President, Francisco “Lu-Olo”Guterres stated that 11 September is also a significant date to FRETILIN. This year marked the 28th anniversary of the transformation of ASDT to FRETILIN. Mr. Guterres personally thanked all the leaders including, Bishops Belo and Basilio and Xanana Gusmão who was also part of the Central Committee and Commander of FRETILIN commanders who had smartly managed a strategy in carrying the struggle for the national liberation.

· It is reported that in an interview with Radio NZ, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Ramos-Horta stated that it is too early to establish a Judiciary System in East Timor. Meanwhile the head of Dili District Tribunal, Aderito Tilman says it is unethical for the minister to make such comment about his country in another nation.

· Timor Post front page carried a picture of the US ambassador to East Timor, Shari Villarosa, President Gusmão, Prime Minister, Alkatiri and Parliament President Francisco Guterres with lit candles in memory of those who passed away on 11 September tragedy. Speaking at the event, President Gusmão said the tragedy of 11 September 2001 is against humanity and it has created an environment of distrust between nations. Mr. Gusmão added that he feels saddened that people are talking about globalization, concepts of global villages advance in technologies but people still feels threatened.

· On the commemoration of the 28th anniversary of FRETILIN Parliament President, Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres appealed to all the sympathizers and militants of the party to come together to build the nation for a better future reported Timor Post.

· Also on the commemoration of the party, Secretary- General Mari Alkatiri stated that FRETILIN would fight to eradicate poverty.

· TP reported that the Australian embassy was closed due to terrorism threats. It is not known when the embassy will resumed its work due to the threats. It is reported that precaution must be taken between 12 and 20 September.

· ETPS Commissioner Paulo Martins said that up until now, the police are not yet in charge of the immigration law. His department is waiting for the government to pass the law. Mr. Martins added they would have a tight control on people entering East Timor illegally. He also informed that 24 ETPS members have been selected to work in this area.

· Commissioner Paul Martins also explained that the Border Control case needs time to be resolved. Mr. Martins said if the Dili District Tribunal issue arrest orders to the three Border control officials, it would have to be carried out by UNPOL because the police force is still under UN supervision.

· Deputy Commander of Bobonaro District Police, Talo Mau reported that the Border Police patrol have arrested a former militia on the Border who was allegedly involved in the violence of 1999.

· Director of Electricity, Virgilio Guterres stated that the constant power cuts is due to lack of the generator capacity. Virgilio said that when the new electricity equipment arrives it would make a big change in the operation of electricity in Dili.

[Drafted by the UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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