Subject: East Timor Press Review 13 September, 2002

East Timor Press Review

13 September, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae’s front page reported on the meeting between Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri and President Xanana Gusmão. The meeting was followed by a press conference held by PM’s chief of staff, José Guterres and President C.O.S. Agio Pereira. Mr. Pereira informed that the President and Prime Minister discussed the 2 commissions established last week which are awaiting nominations of 2 candidates from the government, NGO Forum and FDTL to carry on this project. Each commission will look into the issue of veterans of the resistance and the other on Falintil veterans. Another issued discussed was the Becora prisoners. Both heads of state acknowledge that ways must be found to lower the number of prisoners in that jail. Most of the prisoners have only committed minor crimes, added C.O.S, Agio Pereira. Mr Pereira said that the President informed PM on his meeting with CAVR, and PM’s support in the magistrate institute. He also added that PM Alkatiri will look into the training for the national judicial system which will be reinforced by signing a protocol with Portugal in this area.

· ETPS Commissioner, Paul Fatima Martins reported that 4-truck loads of sandalwood from Baucau district was detained by Police officers in Manatuto and 20 in Dili last Monday.

· FDTL logistic assistant Lieutenant Colonel, Filomeno Paixão said close cooperation between the neighbouring countries (Australia and Indonesia) is very important to maintain security stability in East Timor. A plan has been established by several government departments including the defense and foreign affairs departments to develop a good cooperation with Indonesia.

· It is reported that Dili District Tribunal yesterday sentenced a former militia commander who has been accused of raping a woman following the referendum election in 1999 to four years’ imprisonment.

· Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri stated that the issue over the Impunity for United State military personnel is still being discussed.

· Timor Judges Association has announced that the judges will go on strike if the Border Control case is not being processed through the court.

· Timor Post front page again reported on the tight security enforced by the Australian PeaceKeeping Force in its Embassy. Security will be tight until the 20 September.

· It is reported that about 24 Sri Lankans were deported to their country yesterday. Meanwhile the remaining 32 refugees are waiting for their cases to be process because they do not have any form of identification. A spokesperson for the refugees, Anjantha Mara Shingae said, “ we are happy with the help of IOM and UNHCR during our stay in East Timor. They made us feel like our own home.”

· It is reported that Indonesia has been coordinating with CISPE to pay the pension for another group of 430 former Indonesia public servants, said the charge de affairs of Indonesia office in East Timor Khalief Akbar

· The Central Department of Water Supply in Maliana district stated that 3 more water irrigation project will be established by a Chinese company in that district. The cost is estimated around US$500,000 (half a million).

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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