Subject: East Timor Press Review 16 September, 2002

East Timor Press Review

16 September, 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae’s front page reported on various comments on the new head of Human Rights Commissioner, Sergio Vieira de Mello who replaced Mary Robinson last Thursday. In the same article MP Eusebio Guterres said that it is impossible to establish an International Tribunal in East Timor because during three years under Sergio de Mello leadership he should know what the Timorese people want from the United Nations after September 1999 violence.

· STL reported that Datuk Mustafa Abdullah, the Deputy-Director for Management Training of Malaysian Police Force, visited east Timor between the 12-13 of September. During the visit he met with ETPS Commissioner, Paulo Fatima Martins to discuss about the duties of Malaysian Civil Police currently servicing in East Timor. Both also discussed various ways in which Malaysia can provide further assistance to East Timor, the embassy representative, Mohamad Rameez Yahaya, informed the media.

· Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Armindo Maia stated that East Timor is still using Indonesia’s Educational System because up until now the country does not have its’ own system of education. Mr. Maia added that 50 Brazilian teachers are coming to East Timor to provide training for the Timorese to further develop the education system.

· It is reported that Falintil-FDTL captain Domingos da Camara also known as “Amico”, has returned to Lospalos military headquarters on the request of President Gusmão. Captain Amico said, “ I am resuming my duties on the request of the President as head of the nation and as the supreme commander.” The Defense Secretary, Roque Rodrigues and Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak had earlier approved Captain Amico letter of resignation.

· There are rumors that the closure of Australian embassy and the increase of security in Timor is due to threats made by a group connected to the Al-Qaeda who have managed to get into the country.

· A man who was detained in Hera last Wednesday night by police claimed that his wife was physically abused by the officers when she demanded to know why her husband had been arrested. Until now, Lorenço Lemos, does not know the reason for his arrest, said public defender, Fernando Carvalho.

· Lawyers have claimed that they will not go on strike because of the border control case. It is reported the lawyers are still following the daily schedule regardless of who turns up to work, reported STL.

· Timor Post front page reported that Australian Embassy has not yet resumed its services due to threats.

· MP Rui Menezes, said the head of Dili power station must address the assembly on the constant electricity cuts in Dili. Mr. Menezes said many MP’s have raised this issue but there has not been an explanation from the electricity department. He said the government must look into this issue and maybe decide on an investor to take charge of this area.

· The government already announced that 28 September and 26 October is the National Immunization Campaign Day against Polio. President Xanana Gusmão has asked all parents to take their children to the nearest immunization centers to receive their immunization. In the same article the Department of Health said that President Xanana Gusmão would deliver a message on those days.

· Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jorge Teme explained that the government plans to destroy the boat that the Sri Lankan refugees used as it is no longer sea-worthy.

· Secretary of Stated for Public Works and Solidarity, Arsenio Bano, stated that East Timorese are seeking jobs overseas on their own accord. In a separate article PST Secretary-General, Avelino Coelho said the government must be responsible for this matter. He said that as a new nation the government should stop these people from looking for jobs overseas.

· TP reported that Habitat of Humanity, a US NGO has already rebuilt around 60 houses for Liquiça and Aileu districts residents.

[Drafted by UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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