Subject: DN - (Mis)Directions in Justice

East Timor

Diário de Notícias carries a half-page op-ed by José Manuel Pureza and Mónica Rafael Simões, member of the Center of Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, headlined “East Timor: (mis) directions of the justice.”

According to them, “Justice is not being done in East Timor. (…) Indonesia is neither capable nor willing to judge the ones responsible for the atrocities of 1999. (…) The creation of an International Tribunal is, therefore, essential for the reconstruction and reconciliation of the country. In places where human rights and justice go on being ignored, there is no guarantee that the tensions and grieves will not break out again and endanger an artificially bred peace. (…) The recently signed agreement between East Timor and the United States on the ICC puts an alarming cloud over the future. And we should recall the Parliament’s President words when his country signed the ICC treaty: ‘We do not want to see in other little countries the same forms of oppression and tyranny we suffered. To achieve that goal, the ICC is especially useful.’.” They conclude by saying that the agreement signed relating to the ICC does not honor the Timorese lesson of fight for law and international justice.

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