Subject: ABC: UN prosecutors seek to exhume mass grave in East Timor

UN prosecutors seek to exhume mass grave in East Timor

17/09/2002 04:01:59

ABC Radio Australia News

United Nations' prosecutors in East Timor are seeking to exhume a mass grave near the village of Viqueque (V'kek-ee) to build their prosecution against militia groups who operated in the area.

Approximately 20 bodies are believed to be buried in the grave, the result of militia activity during 1999.

The case against the militia who operated in Viqueque is being partly investigated by two Australian police officers who have been seconded to the U-N.

U-N Prosecutor for Serious Crime, Stuart Alford says authorities are now trying to further build the evidence they have against the militia.

Those investigations have been concerning militia and Indonesian TNI activity during 1999, and we believe that the bodies may assist us in the preparation of those cases and the completion of the investigations.

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