Subject: East Timor Press Review 24 September 2002

East Timor Press Review 24 September 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae’s front page quoted Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Teme as saying that East Timor already has its own passport but Members of Parliament have not discussed it yet.

· In its front page, the newspaper carried a photo of former Indonesian public servants waiting outside the government office yesterday to get more information about their pension payment. Minister of Internal Affairs, Rogerio Tiago Lobato informed that the payment would be in early October. Timor Post also carried the same story

· Prime Minister spokesperson’s, José Guterres announced that Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri and a delegation composed of Minister and Vice- Minister of Finance and the Secretary of State left to New York today to attend the ceremony of East Timor’s admission to the UN on 27 September. Timor Post also carried the same story.

· Australian embassy is still under tight security. It is also reported that about 4 Al-Quaeda members are currently in East Timor capital, Dili.

· STL carried a photo of ETPS officers’ graduation last Saturday. In this article Commissioner Paulo Martins was quoted as saying that a total of 2041 Timorese are now serving as East Timor Police Service officers in the country.

· Vice-Minister of Justice, Manuel Abrantes yesterday presented a bill on land and properties (STL refer to as Appropriate and Concerns) to the parliament. Timor Post also carried the same story saying the Minister emphasized regulations concerning land and property in the country.

· Timor Post front page carried a photo of former Indonesian public servants in front of the government office demanding their pension payment.

· TP editorial focused on the decision made by Minister of Internal Administration in selecting ETPS officers to be trained in the aviation area in Mozambique. (Kind note that in yesterday’s Timor Post, it was said that the venue of training would be in Angola) Commissioner Paulo Martins stressed that it is a good initiative by the government but more information is needed about the training. Mr. Martins said the officers can also get the same training in neighbouring countries like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. He asked if “they is a tendency” referring to rumors that the ‘Mozambique gang’ is dominating the RDTL cabinet, starting with Prime Minister position, ministers in the cabinet, secretaries and advisors.

· An article on TP front page read, Bishop Basilio: The leaders must explain the program to the people. The bishop of Baucau said 100 days of independence has passed and there is no clear program from the government to present to the people. Bishop Basilio added, with independence, the leaders must first put the people’s interest above theirs.

· Vice Director-General of the Forestry Department said the sandalwood case has been handed to East Timor Police to be resolved.

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