Subject: East Timor Press Review 25 September 2002

East Timor Press Review

25 September 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae and Timor Post front page carried a photo of the Timorese delegation to the Asian Games together with Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri. STL reported that around 30 athletes would be participating in the games. Speaking to the journalists after a meeting held with the competitors, Mr. Alkatiri said, “You are putting East Timor’s name for the first time in an Asian event, you must show that we can also do it in this event.” In a separate article Mr. Alkatiri said, “Sports is important in a country”.

· Vice minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jorge Teme announced that his colleague as a Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Luis Guterres would become an East Timor Ambassador to UN. Mr. Teme said that Jose Luis Guterres would present his credential letter to UN Secretary General Nation, Kofi Annan on 27 September.

· It is reported that East Timorese people are really happy and proud that East Timor is finally becoming a member of the United Nations reported Timor Post.

· MP vice-president, Francisco Xavier Amaral (ASDT) was quoted as saying that the admission of East Timor to the UN on 27 September is a special time for building national unity with a strong spirit among the Timorese.

· The Head of Dili District Tribunal Administration, Jose Gomes announced that 2 International lawyers, Luis Antero and Sylver Nukamanzina, working in the Serious Crime Unit would return to their countries at the end of the month.

· Jorge Teme stated that Ireland is only accepting workers with Portuguese and European Union passports. Mr. Teme was referring to those Timorese who have left the country to work in Ireland.

· TP reported that about 14 Portuguese military personnel (PORBATT) and three Brasilian doctors yesterday provided medical treatment to residents of Atsabe, Ermera District. · [Drafted by UNMISET Spokespersons Office]

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