Subject: Local Media Monitoring - March 31, 2003




STL's lead stories are about the December 4th incident and the continuing contoversial issue of "Open Government".

Relating to the December 4th incident, perpetrators are yet to be identified. According to the National Police Commander, Mr Paulo Martins, the alleged perpetrators of the December 4th incident are still under investigation. Mr Paulo Martins made this statement at the event to mark the Timor-Leste National Police 3rd anniversary.

The controversial issue of "Open Government" was raised once again by the Speaker of the Parliament, Lu-Olo. He said the open government policy had already been implemented in the Districts of Viqueque and Bobonaro as a first phase of the national development. Lu-Olo said that under the Constitution, opposition parties are entitled to be critical of the Government.

The Timor Post lead story (on national news) is about the statement made by the Vice Secretary General of Fretilin, Mr Jose Reis about the criticism by opposition parties about the concept of "open government". He said that the opposition parties have the right to criticize, but in the meantime they also have to provide the Government with solutions for the well being of the nation.

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