Subject: Local Media Monitoring - APRIL 8, 2003



APRIL 8, 2003


The launch of the joint national unity platform by eight opposition parties has criticized the Government's failure to develop a policy capable of defeating poverty, corruption, nepotism, collusion, ignorance, illiteracy, injustice, insecurity, lack of transparancy and political lies.

The President of the Asociacao Democratica de Timor ( ASDT ), Mr Francisco Xavier do Amaral said that the decision taken by the Government to appoint the Sub-District Administrators was an anti democratic act. He said this was because it was done without any law procedure.

Timor Post In response to the opposition parties' criticism of the way the ruling party governs, the deputy secretary general of Fretilin, Mr Jose Reis said that "Fretilin will hand over the Goverment to the opposition parties, if they can do miracles".

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