Subject: Local Media Monitoring - August 4, 2003



August 4, 2003

STL Nationality status of Mr Mari Alkatiri and Mr Roque Rodrigues questioned The nationality status of Mr Mari Alkatiri and Mr Roque Rodrigues has been questioned by the Opposition Parties. A Parliamentarian member from Democratic Party, Mr Eusebio Guterres, yesterday urged both entities to prove their nationalities through the court , so that the public knows if they are East Timorese or not. "I said this is a serious issue" said Mr Guterres.

President Xanana explains the Role of CAAC-CAVF

During his 5 day visit to the Sub District of Vemasse, President Xanana Gusmao got questions regarding the existence and the role of the Commission for Veterans and Ex-Combatants (CAAC-CAVF). The community raised the questions because they said they did not get comprehensive information regarding the Commission's role and objectives. President Xanana explained to the community that the mission of CAAC-CAVF's commission is to collect factual data regarding former resistance fighters from 1975 until 1999. President Xanana said that after the commission received all the data, then the commission will hand it over to the Government for considerations regarding the fate of former resistance fighters and the follow-up.

F-FDTL Anniversary Commemoration in Waimori

On Saturday the Chief of Staff of the Falintil-FDTL, Col Lere Anan Timur, told STL at his residence that the commemoration of the Falintil 28th anniversary will be held at Waimori District of Viqueque on August 20, 2003. Mr Lere said that Waimori was chosen again because it was the last commemoration of the Falintil during the Indonesian occupation in 1999. Mr Lere also said that Waimori was a cantonment place for Falintil before the Independence ballot.

CEP story repeated

(The exact the same article was published on July 31, 2003). On Wednesday the Community Empowerment Project gave US$30,000 to the Sub District of Nain Feto - District of Dili. The assistance fund is aimed at helping the community to build their public infrastructures, such as footpaths, drainage, water supply and retaining walls. "The community of Nain Feto Sub District also has contributed an amount of US$ 1,081.25 to complete the project planning budget" said the Chief Advisor of the Nain feto Sub district, Mr Augosto da Costa Soares.


President Xanana Says "People Have No Self Confidence"

During his visit to the Sub District of Vemasse, President Xanana told the community of Ostico's, Loilubo's, and Watulari's Sucos that East Timorese had fought during 24 years because of self confidence. President Xanana said that even though the community lived trough hard times of food shortages, no clothes, they preserved the unity by trusting each other in order to get freedom.

President Xanana said that now the community had gained their independence, they were beginning to lose their self confidence. ( A second story containing the same information also appeared on the page 1).

West Timor Police Want to Cooperate With PNTL

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri met with the Indonesian Distrital Police Chief of Belu, Agus Nugroho and the Timur Tengah Utara Police Chief, Jeremias Detan, on Saturday in Oecusse. After the meeting Mr Alkatiri told reporters that the Indonesian Distrital Police of Belu and Timur Tengah Utara want to cooperate with Timor-Leste's border police (PNTL) in order to maintain security. The article said that the two Indonesian West Timor Police Chiefs were invited to Oecusse to attend the handover ceremony from the United Nations Police to Timor-Leste National Police.

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