Subject: Daily Media Review 8 August 2003


Date: 08/08/2003 03:29PM Subject: Daily Media Review 8 August

Dili, August 08 2003

Daily Media Review

Elite Politicians Whinge Like Children

Oscar Lima, one of the partners in Timor Telecom, said on Thursday that elite politicians 'whinge' like children, in a reference to their criticism of one another through the media. Lima said their critical remarks are not projecting a good image [of Timor-Leste] to the developed countries; rather, they project an image that goes against national unity. In his opinion, the needs of the people, rather than criticism, should be the priority. (STL)

ASDT Distances Itself From the Opposition

The fourth largest Timorese party, ASDT, distanced itself yesterday [Thursday] from the opposition and from various political positions critical of the [Fretilin-led] government. ASDT described itself as a 'neutral' party and defender of 'healthy' dialogue. In a clear signal that it is distancing itself from the views expressed by opposition parties recently, the ASDT leadership said that Mario Carrascalão was evicted from the house considered state property 'in accordance with the law' and that the doubts raised about the nationality status of the Prime-Minister "are baseless". Xavier do Amaral was critical of the opposition parties for holding a press conference under the National Unity Platform without his knowledge, and for criticizing Fretilin. He said that he disagreed with the text of the statement read by the Platform's President, Fernando Araújo. (Lusa)

PM Alkatiri: Enclave Oecussi Will Celebrate Special Autonomy

Prime Minister Alkatiri said the communities in the Oecussi enclave know how [best] to develop their district, knowing that they will eventually become autonomous. Alkatiri remarked that the people of Oecussi should increase their agriculture production and sell it in Dili. It is reported that the population of Oecussi requested the government to establish a university there. (STL)

Timor-Leste Upset By Jail Term For Indonesian General

Timor-Leste says it is upset by what it sees as a lenient jail term for a top Indonesian general over bloodshed during its independence vote in 1999. However, Timorese Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta says his government will not press for an international tribunal. Ramos-Horta says Indonesia's special human rights court should have jailed Major General Adam Damiri, regional commander at the time of the violence, for more than the three-year sentence it gave him. Damiri was the last of 18 people to be tried by the court, which has acquitted most other suspects and handed out light sentences to those convicted. The sentence was well below the 10-year minimum sentence recommended under Indonesian law. The verdict on Damiri also drew protest from the US with Washington saying it was disappointed with the tribunal's work and with the sentence on Damiri.

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