Subject: Daily Media Review 14 August 2003


Subject: Daily Media Review 14 August

Dili, August 13 2003

Daily Media Review

Bishop Belo: Political Leader Should Sit Together

On Tuesday the former Bishop of Dili, Carlos Ximenes Belo, stated that political leaders should measure what they say and stop criticizing each other, because the population is starting to be concerned and scared, reported Suara Timor Lorosae, citing an interview broadcasted by Radio Timor Kmanek (RTK). Regarding rumours of a coupe d'Etat, he said "it is no longer a time to stage" such a thing, which should not worry people; nevertheless, both the Government and the Parliament have not delivered their promises to the people, he added. The Bishop appealed to the population to peacefully participate in the celebration of Falintil Day on August 20. He also congratulated members of F-FDTL for "still celebrating this day to remember those who gave their lives for the freedom of Timor-Leste". (STL)

Health Department Receives Funds From UN

The Deputy Minister of Health Luis Lobato announced to the media that health authorities have received a US$230,000 donation from the United Nations, in order to rehabilitate the Antonio de Carvalho Hospital in Lahane, Dili. Lobato said the donation would also be used for a program to combat malaria and for the acquisition of mosquito nets, which will be distributed in the districts. (STL)

Mario Carrascalão's Appeal

Benevides Correia Barros, Mario Carrascalão's lawyer, told Timor Post on Wednesday that his client has formally submitted his appeal to Dili District Court against the government, the Department of Justice and the Land and Property Division. Barros said that 11 lawyers from different law institutions have joined him to defend the case. (TP)

Parliament Discussed Electricity

The Permanent Commission of the Parliament on Wednesday discussed the implementation of the 'prepaid electricity system' that has raised a lot of concern, especially in Dili, reported Suara Timor Lorosae. Francisco Guterres, who chaired the session, stated that the new system is "very good, as it will teach the community to use energy efficiently. Otherwise the community would not really care about the use of electricity," he said. The Commission agreed that the Minister of Transport and Public Work will be asked to explain the implementation of the prepaid electricity system because many people have been complaining that it is too expensive. The vice-Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Fernandes, said that the introduction of the new system "does not match the reality of Timor-Leste", whose people are still living in very poor condition. In a separate article the Director of the Electricity Department, Virgilio Guterres said that the prepaid system is not compulsory and those wishing to remain in the present same system should do so provided that they pay their bills. (STL)

Alkatiri in New Zealand

PM Mari Alkatiri left Dili on Wednesday to New Zealand, where he will be participating in the 34th Pacific and Caribbean Island Countries Forum in Auckland. After the event is over Alkatiri will conduct a series of bilateral meeting with members of the New Zealand Government, among them Prime Minister Helen Clark and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (STL)

Ex-E Timorese Refugees Interested in Transmigration After General Election

Former East Timorese refugees in the camps in Belu dictrict, East Nusa Tenggara, were interested in transmigration after the 2004 general election, sources have said. "Many of the former refugees are interested in the program after the election though they are not registered as Indonesian nationals," Salustiano de Sousa, a former refugee leader, said on Wednesday (Antara)


Prosecutor General Monteiro and Interpol

Prosecutor General Longuinhos Monteiro said he is going to put pressure on the International Police (Interpol) conference in Spain in September for Indonesia Interpol to detain and indict those people responsible for crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste in 1999. It is reported that members of Indonesia Interpol attended a Public Meeting for Serious Crimes in Dili at Yayasan Hak auditorium last Friday. (STL)

Note: on yesterday's (Wednesday 13/8) summary, Longuinhos Monteiro, the Prosecutor General, said he was going to request Interpol Indonesia to arrest (and not arrest and indict) those people responsible for crimes against humanity in Timor Leste in 1999. Monteiro made these comments in reference to communications between the Prosecutor General and Interpol Indonesia during a Public Meeting for Serious Crimes in Dili. (Indonesia Interpol did not attend a meeting in Dili)

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